DeluxHair – 4 Great Leave In Conditioners For the Summer

Being natural during the summer season is probably one of the best seasons to be natural, other than fall in my opinion. During those two particular times of the year, there are so many styles you can do and achieve that allow you to limit your heat usage overall. More than anything, I love the…… Continue reading DeluxHair – 4 Great Leave In Conditioners For the Summer

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DE Twitter Art Chat!

Q: What is a twitter chat? A: Twitter chats are like virtual meet and greets, networking events online. They are used to bring tweeters together to discuss topics either related to careers, non-profits, causes, cultures, and much more all expense free for you, the reader. Since our increased engagement on twitter, we have been participating…… Continue reading DE Twitter Art Chat!

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Graphic Design Specials for Summer 2017!

Summer graphic design specials for 2017 are here! Every year around this time, we drop our prices for graphic design services of our choice, along with custom painting commissions and unique wood craft orders . Check out which services have been selected this summer below: Event Flyers: $35 $25 Mixtape Covers: 10% Off Business Cards:…… Continue reading Graphic Design Specials for Summer 2017!

Affiliate Spotlight · Delux Designs

Affiliate Spotlight – Shutterfly

Listed below some really great deals for anyone looking for printed design work for any events, specifically parties and weddings. These deals are exclusively through Delux Designs (DE), LLC affiliation program with third party companies. We have been running this program for over five years as a way to collaborate with fellow business owners, along…… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – Shutterfly