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Affiliate Spotlight – Wedding Paper Divas

Listed below some really great deals for anyone looking for printed design work for any events, specifically weddings. These deals are exclusively through Delux Designs (DE), LLC  affiliation program with third party companies. We have been running this program for over five years as a way to collaborate with fellow business owners, along with providing…… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – Wedding Paper Divas


DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Rite Aid]

Big Announcement! DeluxHair is now in affiliation with Rite Aid! Based in multiple states in the United States, Rite Aid is a personal health and wellness store with more than 4,600 stores in over 30 states nation wide. This growing company and brand is expanding yearly. Check out more information on the company below. About…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Rite Aid]


DeluxHair – Product Review for Organix

Hello everyone! DeluxHair here again for another product review from another one of my favorite hair care lines, Organix! This was one of those products I mentioned in my Perfect Product Haul post where I seen it in Target, loved the packaging design of it and automatically purchased it. It was something about how the…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Product Review for Organix

Affiliate Spotlight

Affiliate Spotlight – Lady Bizness

Only 13 Days Away From Beauty & The Beats! What to Expect Photo Booth My Festive Photos will provide an interactive photo booth and all photos will be uploaded to, so like the page now! Blogger Lounge & Selfie Station This year there will be a special place for our Bloggers, Vloggers, and Live…… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – Lady Bizness


Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important To DE

Good morning everyone! Monday is back again, yes that is right, we are now beginning a new work week once again. It seems like these weeks just fly by so fast monthly, especially the weekends. I know some of you are dreading that alarm wake up call that either already happened, or is about to…… Continue reading Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important To DE


DeluxHair – LCO & LOC Methods

The LCO and LOC methods are two of the most important parts of being a curly natural. These methods are basically how you apply products to your natural hair for either moisturizing or during your wash routine. Both consists of the three things listed below: Liquid Conditioner Oil The liquid would be water, the conditioner…… Continue reading DeluxHair – LCO & LOC Methods