#31DaysSheHeals – Day 31

Day 31: How has #SheHeals journal challenge help you accept vulnerability? Are you more comfortable sharing your wounds? Have relationships or friendships change? A31: The #SheHeals journal challenge has helped me to accept vulnerability by allowing me to use it towards more artwork. I’m not going to go into great detail in this post about… Continue reading #31DaysSheHeals – Day 31

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New Products Added To Our VIDA Store!

We have new merchandise and products added to our VIDA Storefront just in time for the Goodbye Summer Storefront Sale! Check out our new Cashmere Model Scarf featuring our painting Brown Tex, our new Sheer Wrap featuring our Pure Locs painting, and our silk scarf featuring our Summer Storm painting! Shop Here Offer expires TOMORROW… Continue reading New Products Added To Our VIDA Store!


#31DaysSheHeals – Day 30

Day 30: Write about your #SheHeals journal experience. What did you learn about yourself? A30: I absolutely LOVED this journal experience! This really opened my eyes to how I operate on a daily and some things I need to work on as far as my character goes. This journal experience was like, to me, when… Continue reading #31DaysSheHeals – Day 30

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Learn How to Make Money From Your Vulnerability with Art

Lately, the term vulnerability has been coming up everywhere for me. For the last week, almost all of my motivational emails from fellow bloggers were on the topic, almost to the point where I felt as though a higher being was trying to get my attention and talk to me directly. The term vulnerable is… Continue reading Learn How to Make Money From Your Vulnerability with Art


#31DaysSheHeals – Day 29

Day 29: Share your vulnerability on social media. Write yourself a love letter and use the hashtag #sheheals. A29:¬†Anytime I think of the words “love letter”, my mind always goes to Jimi Hendrix and his words from a love letter he wrote for a long time girlfriend years ago. The original letter is apart of… Continue reading #31DaysSheHeals – Day 29