3 Reasons Jade&Oak is an Important Resource for Artists and Bloggers

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Greetings subscribers and readers! We hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. I know everyone is busy getting those holiday dinners prepared, spending time with family and friends and enjoying these great sales while shopping. I would like to take some time out today to tell you about three different reasons you should invest and add our affiliate partner Jade&Oak to your resource list as an artist and/or blogger for the upcoming new year of 2019.

  1. You don’t want to be sued. 
  2. You don’t want to sue anyone else.
  3. You want to stay as professional as possible. 

No one wants to be sued.

Not one soul on this Earth wants to be sued. I think I speak for everyone on that note. Going through the process of courts and lawyers is very frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention court costs and fees. That is money that could go towards your business and art endeavors. That is also time that could be spent towards creating new artwork for upcoming art shows and exhibitions, along with time that could be spent networking and building clientele for future business. Referring to our affiliate partner Jade&Oak as a resource towards legal matters can keep you out of the court system of being sued.

No one really wants to sue other people.

Sometimes, it may seem like people get a kick out of taking others to court over legal matters. May even seem like its something of a quick money maker for them, but this is a false reality. Again, court costs and fees add up, and that’s on both sides of legal matters. Sometimes, suing another person, business owner or artist can be just as expensive to do as it would be if you were being sued by another individual. Referring to our affiliate partner Jade&Oak as a resource towards legal matters may prevent you and keep you out of situations where you are forced to take another individual through a legal court battle.

It is always good to stay professional.

Our affiliate partner Jade&Oak has been a huge help in keeping things as professional as possible here at DE. They have provided many resources online including some free ones for us all to take advantage of and use at our disposal. The main resource available to the public provided by Jade&Oak to keep things professional for all business owners, artists and bloggers would be their templates including pitch templatescontract templateslegal terms and conditions, and much more!

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