#31DaysSheHeals – Day 15

Day 15: What brings you peace today? How and why?
A15: There are a number of things that bring me peace today including my love for art as a whole for one, my natural hair journey and seeing my true colors & looks bloom open like a flower over time, along with my family’s presence in general. I don’t have to be doing anything major with them, we could just be sitting in a room watching television or something simple and their presence alone is peaceful for me. Traveling brings me a lot of peace more than most things, especially if I can mix art with those travel adventures. I’m not sure what it is but being around other travelers has always made traveling a peaceful experience for me. Have you ever noticed that everyone you’re around at the beach, say Florida for example, are always overly happy. Like random strangers are more willing to speak to you and hold a conversation with you in tourist areas, which I always assumed was because we were all happily on vacation. Being in a happy mood is often spread around willingly from what I have experienced from past vacations so that’s why I like traveling so much. Food brings me peace as well. It is true that food makes me happy, sort of like when you see someone dancing while eating…..that person dancing while eating is me and I’m not ashamed to say it lol. Lastly, but not least, self-care brings me peace more than anything in today’s society. Sometimes I just have an urge to relax and chill so I use self-care techniques to do so.

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