#31DaysSheHeals – Day 16

Day 16: What does being vulnerable mean to you?
A16: When I think of the word vulnerable, legendary Detroit rapper Eminem comes to mind every time. One of them is on his hit record I’m Sorry Mama where he states, “Ha, I got some skeletons in my closet, And I don’t know if anyone knows it; so before they throw me in my coffin and close it ima expose it; I’ll take you back to ’73, before I ever had a multi-platinum sellin CD“. Or another from his one of his many array of diss records called The Warning which was a complete shot at legendary singer Mariah Carey where he states, “but if I’m embarrassing me, I’m embarrassing you too“. Eminem himself is an example my mind always goes to anytime anyone says the word vulnerable because this man made an entire career out of being vulnerable with his own hardships and life growing up. What makes his transparent rap journey so different significant to me is the way he became vulnerable to the public. Everything he has ever spoke on has been direct and raw. The type of stuff you only talk about per norm behind closed doors. The stuff most people would be embarrassed to speak on who don’t understand what being vulnerable truly means and is to some people. To me, vulnerability is where you are so comfortable with yourself that you intentionally open up so much that you become your own target. This is where you have exposed yourself so much and so comfortably either among your peers or publicly that no one can even expose you to you, you have already exposed yourself because you are comfortable with yourself and all the flaws that come with you. You realize the mistakes you have made in life and even the mistakes of the people around you have made in your life, and you are now cool with that enough to speak on it among other people with no problems. An example of this specifically would be where Eminem discusses his mother’s addictions and her mistakes when it came to raising him when he was younger on his song I’m Sorry Mama. For me personally, the She Heals challenge is a way for me and a prime example of how I am being vulnerable with my readers. I am basically exposing myself and being open about who I truly am, whether good or bad, positive or negative. I am giving all of my readers a first look at some mishaps and mistakes I have made growing up and just speaking on my growth process period. Most who place more weight on how they look would never do this. They see it as you are telling your business but how can people fully trust you and get to know you for you if you never tell them who you truly are and what you’ve been through first hand, ya know?

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