#31DaysSheHeals – Day 19

Day 19: There are four months left in this year. How will you begin treating yourself better?
A19: Wow. It is hard to believe we are already four months away from 2018, which leaves us only two years away from 2020! From this point forward I have begun to treat myself by focusing on myself. I spent years breaking my back for those around me, which I’m not complaining about at all because it was something I chose to do, but it taught me who I really needed to be focused on deep down, which is myself. Some would say this is a selfish way of thinking, but you can’t truly get anything done without being a slight bit selfish with your time and your helping hand to others. Another way I am treating myself better is focusing more on improving not only what’s inside, but also my outside looks as well. Being stressed out all the time for an extended amount of time, can take a toll on your looks physically and I want to fix that and make things better in a more healthier way.

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