#31DaysSheHeals – Day 30

Day 30: Write about your #SheHeals journal experience. What did you learn about yourself?
A30: I absolutely LOVED this journal experience! This really opened my eyes to how I operate on a daily and some things I need to work on as far as my character goes. This journal experience was like, to me, when you move into a new house or apartment and you begin the process of unpacking your belongings. You keep everything that is valuable to you and add them to your new home environment and get rid of the older things that you no longer want or no longer benefit you for your new home. This experience was like me figuring out what was good for me to keep and to get rid of those things that are no longer good for me. As far as the learning process goes, I really learned that I was truly hurting deeper than what I first thought I was. I learned that there were things that needed to be healed before, new things could begin how I want them to begin.

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