#31DaysSheHeals – Day 4

Day 4: What is one ting that you fear people will judge you for the most if they knew about it?
A4: I have never been on an airplane before. Yes. That is right. I have never stepped foot on an airplane a day in my life. I have always wanted to try it out but I have a fear of extreme heights as well so I’ve never wrapped my mind around the concept of how that amount of metal from a plane stays afloat in the air, suspended, without falling straight down due to gravity. Every time I mention this to anyone around me who has flown, or flies on a regular basis throughout the year, I always get, “it’s not that bad”, but for me it is. I’m a down South, country girl who is used to being on the ground. I have even been through a couple traumatic accidents on the ground, yet I still prefer to drive the places I need to go even it takes me weeks to get there. Plus that’s more sight seeing for me along the way for new artwork inspiration. Maybe one day I will face this fear soon.

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