#31DaysSheHeals – Day 8

Day 8: Write down all the negative things you feel and think about yourself.
A8: I hate my feet and I have a bad attitude. I’m stupid, dumb, naive and a fool. I can’t keep a steady romantic relationship going to save my life. I’m always asking for too much out of people. I don’t think I will ever graduate from college. I have been through too much in life for anyone to handle enough to love me how I need to be loved. Everyone always has something negative to say about everything that I do. I can never satisfy anyone around me. I’m aggravating. I’m boring. I’m a lame. My hair is nappy. My hair is not long enough. I don’t trust anyone. People always have alternative motives when it comes to dealing with me. No one is ever what they make themselves out to be. Maybe I’m asking for it….maybe I asked for it then. Maybe this is how I deserve to be treated. People only want to deal with me instead of getting to know me. I hate my skin, not the color of it, but the state of it. Maybe this is what I am destined for. Maybe I am just not good enough. 

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