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DeluxHair – 5 Ways to Save Money at Target with FabfitFun

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Today we have a couple tips on how you can save money while shopping with our affiliate partner Target courtesy of FabfitFun.

Target is one of those happy places to shop. Customer service is wonderful and you will pretty much always find what you are looking for while shopping there. One of the greatest things about Target is their organization more than anything as well. Everything is labeled clearly and from my own personal experience, I have never shopped at a messy Target store. Like seriously, I have never been in a dirty Target before.
Everything is always too clean!

One thing that can hinder shoppers though from the store is affordability on some items. BUT we have 5 ways to save money with the department store giant courtesy of FabfitFun! Check them out below:

    1. Cartwheel App: The Cartwheel app from Target has been a lifesaver! I have personally never, ever shopped at Target without using this app. It provides real-time prices of everything in the store, along with current deals going on. Another great feature of the app is being able to scan barcodes of items around the store to check and see if there are current additional deals on each item. Those deals that come up on the app after scanning each item are additional savings on each item. Double savings, you can’t beat that!
      You can download the Cartwheel App here.
    2. Secret Savings Days: Many shoppers at Target do not know that there are secret savings days weekly. Depending on which day you shop at the department store, you may be able to obtain more savings on top of savings, and who doesn’t want that? Check out the weekly savings schedule below:
      -Monday: electronics, accessories, kids’ clothing, books, baby, & stationery
      -Tuesday: domestics, women’s clothing, pets, & market (food items)
      -Wednesday: men’s clothing, health/beauty, diapers, lawn/garden items, & furniture
      -Thursday: houseware, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, décor, & luggage
      -Friday: auto, cosmetics, hardware, & jewelry
    3. Out of Season Items: Every consistent shopper knows that shopping out of season is always better. For example, right now is the perfect time to begin Christmas shopping before the holiday rush as Christmas based items are currently priced down with the summer season still going on right now. Another example is Halloween season coming up. One week after each holiday is when all items for that holiday season are price cut down 90%! Amazing savings deals!
    4. End Caps: I have found a TON of great clearance priced items on end caps at Target. End caps are the sections at the end of each aisle where you may see these little baskets full of items price cut. Keep an eye out for secret sales there and great deals!
    5. Price Match: Comparing Target prices is a fifth way to save with Target. Recording prices from competitors before shopping at Target is a very smart move, as Target does price match at the time of purchase, or 14 days after you make a purchase at a lesser value online.

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