7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Creative Career with House of Brazen

While roaming the internet and doing some research online for my business and service, I came across a great article from our affiliate partner House of Brazen. That one article led me to creating this post because I felt like it pertained to creatives a a whole. We normally talk about the good things creatives do throughout our careers and ways to increase our income constantly, but we hardly ever speak on the things that we may be doing on a regular basis that are harming our businesses and services everyday. Lets take a look at seven ways we may be sabotaging our creative careers wth affiliate partner House of Brazen.

  1. Too Many Discounts: I have been a victim of this in the past. I would get so caught up in helping those around me on a regular basis that I would often give multiple discounts for my graphic design services a little too often. Don’t get me wrong, giving discounts is not always bad and often times it helps to bring in more clients while also building your portfolio very fast, but too many discounts at one time can lead you to not making a great profit for yourself. Limit the amount of discounts you give out to a bare minimum.
  2. Ignoring Those Bills: Lets face it, none of us want to truly pay bills. That is the last thing any of us want to do. If it was up to all of us we would all live rent free and pocket all money made but that’s not anyone’s reality. The worst thing you can do is to ignore your bills and debt. At some point in time you have to handle those important matters and the more you put them off the more you may end up paying in the long run.
  3. Red Zoning Your Bank Account: Avoid spending every dime you get every time you start making a substantial amount of money. We’ve all done it, especially as a creative. We go long amounts of time being in the red zone of our bank accounts. When I say red zone I mean you only have just as much money in your account most of the time for the things you need like food, gas, etc. Once you pay for those needs then you don’t have any other funding for anything else. Then once we do start making a great amount of funding in which brings our accounts out of that red zone and into the green zone as House of Brazen has put it, we turn around and spend everything we have again and the cycle continues over and over again. This activity leaves us still broke and still struggling and it doesn’t allow us to truly build any wealth towards any goals. Stop doing this.
  4. Stop Running From Your Bank Account: Check your account on a regular basis as you’re supposed to. This was the main topic in House of Brazen’s list that stuck out to me the most. Not only do you need to keep an eye on your account to make sure you’re actually making money, but also to notice and catch any fraudulent activity that may be going on while you’re not watching your account. As creatives, we depend on online activity for funding a lot and with us selling online, it is highly important that we keep an eye on those funds on a daily basis. This is also a sign of being a responsible adult as well.
  5. Avoid Giving Away Products: This should be known already and I shouldn’t have to fully elaborate on it too much, but you should not be giving away your creative talents at all. Of course the choice is yours, but if you’re in this industry to make a living and become wealthy, your talents should be sold and sold for a price that displays your true worth.
  6. Know Where Your Money is Going: Not only should you know where all of your money is coming from but you should also know exactly where you’re profits are going to. I will elaborate on this part later on through additional posts at a later date but one way I keep up with my expenses and profits are through Expense Reports and Income Reports monthly. They are a huge help towards seeing and keeping a record of what I’m spending my money on regularly, along with seeing first hand if I am actually making a profit with my business and service.
  7. If It Is Not Broken, Don’t Try to Fix It: If a money making strategy you have developed is currently working well for you, stick with it, don’t attempt to change it or switch it to make things better. Continue what you’re doing so you’ll continue to have the same results continuously.

All seven of these sabotaging money habits are provided by Delux Designs (DE), LLC affiliate partner House of Brazen but there are a ton more that are available through the Abundant AF E-Course provided by House of Brazen! I have personally taken two of House of Brazen’s courses online and trust me you will not be disappointed with the results of their methods provided on manifesting money into your life. They break down bad habits along with providing valid and solid solutions for those bad habits in your life and business. All creatives whether you’re a painter, photographer or even a graphic designer just to name a few can definitely benefit from their knowledge overall!

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