Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Groups

We are back for our next post of the Delux Designs (DE), LLC Affiliate Marketing blog series.
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Now that you’re all caught up, lets jump into our topic for today’s post of the series on Facebook Groups and Affiliate Marketing.

The biggest mission with affiliate marketing is to get your products and services that you are promoting for your merchants in front of as many people as possible. One great way to do this is to participate in Facebook Groups. There are thousands of groups you can join on a regular basis, based on what you want to engage in. Some are groups centered around certain niches and then there are other groups that focus on teaching certain topics. What you join is totally up to you. There is no limit as to how many groups you can join which is the biggest beauty of this perk of being apart of the Facebook platform, but there are group rules that you must abide by for most of them.

Benefits of Joining Facebook Groups

  1. Unlimited amount of groups to join.
  2. Free to join Facebook groups.
  3. More exposure to a larger audience.
  4. Easy posting of unique links.
  5. Easy engagement booster.
  6. Great way to build long term connections.

As you can see there are many benefits of joining Facebook Groups.
For starters, the amount of groups you can join is unlimited. Like, you can literally join thousands of groups and Facebook won’t put a limit on it or anything. That is a complete unlimited supply of exposure for you to take advantage of on a positive note. A majority of the Facebook groups are 100% free but there are some that require a membership fee. For example, the Delux Designs (DE), LLC Facebook Group is a membership based group where you have to either be a current client of DE or apart of the DE Directory in order to be a member, but with the Blogging with DE Facebook Group it is free for anyone with a blog or business to join for our daily promotional threads. With a wide range of exposure, this grants you a very large audience potential which means you have the opportunity to build some long term connections. With long term connections that gives you the opportunity to easily post your unique links with more guarantees of making more sales because those long term connections trust you more with the suggested products and services you are selling for your merchants.

Setting up Your Own Facebook Group

It is very easy to set up your own Facebook Group. First thing you need to know is that you do not need to pay to set up a group, it is free through the Facebook platform. Second thing you need to know is that you can actually do it. There are no big hoops to jump through, just follow the directions given and you are good to go. There is no approval process or anything like that. You have the creative freedom to create whatever type of group you want to.

  1. Click “Groups” in the homepage of your Facebook account

2. Click “Create New Group” to begin the process of making your own Facebook Group

3. Fill in the slots of the information for your group and you’re good to go.

Restrictions for Affiliate Marketers with Facebook Groups

There aren’t many restrictions for affiliate marketers from Facebook when it comes to promoting through Facebook Groups, but there may be restrictions from the merchants you may represent as to where you can and cannot promote their products or services. This will be aligned in your contracts with them and their terms and conditions so make sure that you read your contracts before agreeing to promote for companies and brands. If you don’t follow their guidelines you are subject for termination from promoting for them, so keep that in mind. Always be truthful when promoting in Facebook Groups about the products and services you represent from your merchants. Never give out false information. Never charge your audience for access to your unique urls, you’re selling the product or service, not access to them.

Check out our Facebook Groups that you can join right now to promote your merchants products or services and much more below:

  1. Blogging with DE
  2. DeluxHair
  3. DE at Michaels
  4. DeluxEdition
  5. DE at Amazon
  6. #DEArtMom

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