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Affiliate Spotlight – Lady Bizness

Only 13 Days Away From Beauty & The Beats!


What to Expect
Photo Booth

Blogger Lounge & Selfie Station

  • This year there will be a special place for our Bloggers, Vloggers, and Live Streamers to do interviews and Gain Followers & Subscribers

Mean Shoe Game Contest

  • One attendee who has the Best Shoes of the Night will get a prize

Best Dressed Contest

  • One attendee who is the Best Dressed of the Night will get a prize

Life Giving Workshops

  • The Booty & The Beauty- An Open Forum

Games & Fun Activities

  • To keep you entertained all night

Be a Philanthropist

  • Feel free to donate to the select Nonprofits I am a Queen & Empowered Girls of NC

Cash Bar & Full-Service Restaurant

  • You will be able to get all the spirits you need from the bar! There will also be an abbreviated and $10 and under menu for you to order from!


Charis Jones of Sassy Jones Boutique (Read More) (Follow HerMovement)

Holiday Inn 6426 Burnt Poplar Road, Greensboro NC 27409
-Use this map for directions from Winston Salem NC area
-Use this map for directions from Charlotte, NC area
-Use this map for directions from Richmond, VA area

Parking is in a lot and is free. You may enter from the front or the side of the building.

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