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Affiliate Thursday while Blogging with DE

Blogging with DE

Everyday in our newest Facebook Group, Blogging with DE, we host a specific theme thread for our readers, members and subscribers to take part in for more blog engagement or views daily. We have found by doing these threads daily, it keeps everyone informed on not only what is going on with each other’s blogs but it also has helped increase traffic on our sites.

For today’s theme, it is Affiliate Thursday which means we are highlighting our affiliate partners today!


DE is partners with many affiliates around the world from photography equipment to beauty and hair companies:

  • Celebrating the World Cup
  • Check out our new “Flower” collection with affiliate partner Society6 created by our head visual artist @K_DougDE by clicking here.
  • Affiliate partner Target has added 8 new black owned brands to their stores.
    Click the image below to check out which brands you can now purchase at your local Target.
    Black Owned Brands
  • Businessese, our newest affiliate partner, has a new Influencer Marketing Podcast available on more information concerning GDPR regulations, disclosures, contracts and much more. Check it out by clicking here.
  • 40934_366
  • 20% off all DeluxHair affiliate partner FabfitFun’s Summer Boxes by clicking the image below.
  • c6ab14a6-c226-4b9b-9db4-921c932aca35
Thank you to our affiliate partners!
Shoe Dazzle
The Skimm

In order for YOU to participate:

  • You must be a blogger or own a blog of some sort. This would include any bloggers on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Bloglovin, Medium, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, and even Instagram! Yes, that’s right! Most don’t know that Instagram is in fact a blog site, so if you have one right now then you are considered a blogger!
  • You must click here and follow the instructions to become an official member of Blogging with DE.

Once you have completed the steps above then you’re in! Enjoy!

For continuous updates on all new art work, art events and much more follow our social media page links listed below. Thanks for your support everyone!
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