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Today’s Sunday Affirmation: I am doiung enough and to the best of my ability.

So I attended church today virtually due to just having so much to do that wasn’t done the previous week due to other obligations, and due to me having to take care of some things for my business and personal responsibilities throughout the day today. I really like the ability to attend church virtually since covid lockdowns. I think it’s a great way to receive the word of the sermon from your preacher if you’re a Christian and attend church apart of your faith of course. I know others may believe in other religions and I respect that, I’m just speaking on my experience today and my own faith. Nothing to sway anyone else’s thoughts and beliefs. The ability to worship virtually has helped towards some big breakthroughs for me and my faith and appreciates the churches right now that are sticking with virtual sermons. Thank you.

But back on topic, my preacher gave a powerful sermon that I felt resonated with me today. He spoke on how we are all just simply rushed right now in today’s time. We always have to be somewhere or do something all the time. As a society we aren’t taking the time to relax anymore or to just simply breath and things are moving so fast constantly that we don’t even realize how much we are rushing ourselves daily. This resonated with me because over the last say three months roughly I noticed this concerning my own well being and lifestyle. I always have something going on that needs to be done. This type of lifestyle began for me during college when I decided to pursue my entrepreneurships dreams of becoming a Graphic Designer but recently I just made the consious decision to rest and slow down.

When I began my design journey, I was immediately thrown into the role of being the go to person for everything pertaining to designs, digital marketing, and social graphics online. People would load me up with design orders weekly and even sometimes daily which I loved in the beginning and on after I started my own business. I loved this way of life. I embraced it. I encouraged it even for myself and others not realizing the harm that I was causing myself consistently when it came to time. It helped financially and for networking purposes don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t helping towards my well being long term.

Fast forward to December of 2022 that just passed.….

Recently, in December of 2022, I made the biggest decision of my entrepreneurship career to end my graphic design services all together. There were many factors that played a huge role in my decision but the main one was my lack of time. I ran into roadblocks constantly leading up to December around the year of 2018 and that’s when I began to consider this decision. I would never have time for myself or I would notice that the tine that I did have myself was always rushed so I could cater to someone else. When 2019 rolled around I knew changes were needed immediately once I was around 6 months pregnant. I was in a rush to make sure my soon to be born daughter at the time had all the things she needed. I went into overdrive working constantly, 12 hour shifts even, while pregnant as a single mother. My well being started to decline rapidly and mentally I was exhausted. Change was needed and this was not negoitable at this point.

In the year 2023, after I made the decision to end my design services, I made a vow to slow down. Literally to slow down. I know that money is important. I know that having a good standing with my job is important. I know that being able to be consistent with my business is important. I know that my daughter having everything she needs is important. But I also know now how important it is to just slow down and stop and rest. My paster today gave me that confirmation that I made the right decision. That I am in fact doing enough and to the best of my ability by identifying the things in my life have just been moving too fast that need changing and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes when we rush things they don’t turn out as smooth as we’d hope. Sometimes this can be more negative than positive and we all need to realize that. Time is money but sometimes fast money is not always good nor long term money as well. I am a mother now and a single mother at that who takes on literally 100% of the responsibility for my child right now so slowing down is highly important in that area. Without proper rest things can become chaotic for my parenting and of course I don’t want that at all. No kid deserves to be raised in a chaotic lifestyle and environment. Slowing down this year has helped me towards providing better care for her that will be beneficial to her well being long term as well as for me.

I say all this to say to you whose reading this that you are doing enough and you’re doing it to the best of your ability. You are enough. You’re doing great. It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok to rest and ground yourself. Someone like myself needed to hear or read this today and I hope that this helps to reassure you on your journey.

Do you feel like your life is just completely rushed right now?
Leave your thoughts and comments below in the comment section and let’s talk about it.

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