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I deserve better things in life. – @K_DougDE

For today’s post I am highlighting a currnt stage that I’m going through right now where I am declaring that I deserve better thnings in life. Back in the day, I would always downplay my life. Being comfortable with just the bare minimum and nothing more. One of the reasons for this behavior is because I always thought that things would be too much for me. Sort of, but literally, talking myself out of great things and going better places.

My thing was back then is that I thought it was better for me to play it safe in all aspects of life to avoid the chances of more heartbreak than I was already going through at the time, and to make sure I didn’t lose the little bit that I had already obtained. This was like a coping mechanism for me due to past hurt and disappointments. I knew then what it felt like so I only done enough to make sure basics of my life were taken care of and nothing more that would potentially mess that up, but this was counterproductive.

While I was saving myself before I needed to save myself, I was also limiting myself tremendously. Limiting my abilities and beliefs to be better in life. I setlled. I literally settled for everything knowing that I could do better and be better. To me this was a fear tactic as well. I feared the unknown. I feared what I could become.

Today’s affirmation for this new week of October 2023, is an affirmation to myself that I actually do deserve better. Better lviing situation, better materialistic things that me and my family can enough, better income and income management, better relationships with the people around that want to be around me, and just a better mindset overall. There’s nothing to fear. How can you want better, but fear better once you get it? Go for what you deserve and be unapologetic about it. Don’t mind what is being said or what judgement is being thrown at you, that comes with the territory. Whenever you’re trying to do and have better in life, there will always be people that don’t understand your journey which causes push back because it’s not their journey to be understood and that’s ok. You got this and you will have better, you deserve it.

Do you ever feel like you’re talking yourself out of better in life?
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