Gratitude November

Affirmation Sunday while Blogging with DE

Today is the start of our new promo thread for our group Blogging with DE, Affirmation Sunday! Each Sunday of the week we will be focusing on different affirmations to help with our mental health, our mindsets to stay on a positive path, and to help with manifestations of great things and goals we want to accomplish weekly.

Affirmation Sundays are also about beginning monthly challenges from our fellow bloggers and business owners as well. For today, we will be beginning a challenge from Almost 30 Podcast on Gratitudes for the month of November.

For each day of the month of November we will be posting about this challenge so it will be extending on from just posting on one Sunday of this month. Make sure you’re subscribed to our blog by clicking here so you don’t miss anything and feel free to take part in the challenge with Almost 30 like we are. Stay tuned for our first day of Gratitude November in our next blog post!

Would you like to take part in our affirmations each week?
Do you have your own affirmation challenge that you would like to get the word out about weekly?
In order for YOU to participate:

  • You must be a blogger or own a blog of some sort. This would include any bloggers on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Bloglovin, Medium, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, and even Instagram! Yes, that’s right! Most don’t know that Instagram is in fact a blog site, so if you have one right now then you are considered a blogger!
  • You must click here and follow the instructions to become an official member of Blogging with DE.

Once you have completed the steps above then you’re in!

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