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If you have been following us for some time now or have been a subscriber of Delux Designs (DE), LLC over the last year, you already know that DE is an affiliate partner of Amazon. With us being a partner of this huge and growing brand, we are able to promote for them during major events along with providing more information for you on exclusive products and services that are discounted in price currently or on sale for the public.

One way we are keeping everyone informed the most about everything Amazon based is through our brand Facebook Group DE at Amazon! With this Facebook group, anyone is able and welcome to join. This is a shopping based group with occasional posts on other topics concerning Amazon. Check out a couple rules for the group below:

Rules of DE at Amazon

  1. All content posted by group members must be approved my administrators before they go live. If you have your own Amazon content from your own blogs or websites, you are welcome to promote them as much as you’d like and whenever you would like to. We just have approve it beforehand.
  2. No self promotion of your own products in the group unless they are apart of Amazon or being sold on Amazon.
  3. No disrespect of any kind. This should go without being said but we are reminding everyone that if disrespect is presented or used in the comment section of any posts it will be automatically deleted and you will be automatically banned from the group.
  4. You can not post products and services from another store in the group. Everything posted must be from Amazon.
  5. This is not a group where free products from Amazon are provided.

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