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Amazon Prime Day – Becoming an Amazon Prime Subscriber

In order to take advantage of all the great savings and discounts with Amazon, you will have to be a current active Amazon Prime Subscriber. If you’re not already, it’s cool, no problem. Amazon Prime Day doesn’t end until Tuesday, July 16, 2019. You can sign up today by clicking here, follow the instructions given and you’ll be good to go. This is only a 30-day trial, so once 30 days are up you have the decision of whether you would like to cancel the subscription or continue forward subscribing.

Benefits of joining:

  • Member only offers and deals
  • Fast and FREE One-Day Shipping
  • Cash back offers for shopping online
  • Streaming Perks for 1,000s of videos and music
  • Participation in annual sales events like Amazon Prime Day
  • Unlimited access to 1,000s of different ebooks, comics, magazines and other printed material

Sign Up

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