For the month of March, we have focused on Mental Health Awareness more than anything, April will be all about Art as we begin our annual creativity campaign: #ArtApril. During the month of April of every year, we will be focusing on creating artwork and productivity with some form of an art challenge or art project through the entire month. This year we are beginning with a classic project found through while searching the web and social networking called #The100DayProject. This project was created by community leader & author Lindsay Jean Thomson, and artist & author Elle Luna from San Francisco, CA. This exciting, world wide project will begin Tuesday April 02, 2017 and end Wednesday July 12, 2017, totaling [100 days] of consistent artwork being produced.

The first step we had to make in order to begin this project, was to decide on what we wanted to create for a total of 100 days. It came down to whether we wanted to just create one big piece that will take 100 days to complete, or whether we wanted to start or create a new series of paintings that more people would be able to purchase and benefit from. Ultimately, we picked a series and what better series could we go with other than our very own Music Blocks! For Delux Designs (DE), LLC project of choice, we will combine our Art Therapy previously discussed earlier in the month of March 2017 during our #MentalHealthMonday Awareness campaign. This means will be creating one Music Block piece per day for 100 days straight! Not only is this a create art regimen to begin, but it is great for productivity and self-discipline for creating. Everyday during the month of April, we will be posting a new Music Block onto our instagram page [ @deluxds ] using the hashtags: #The100DayProject #ArTherapy #ArtApril #DE. Each mixed media piece will be sold at a discounted price of just $25 for the month of April as well in honor of the art movement! That’s a $50 discount from the original cost of each! We are taking requests for any specific music artist you would like to see created. Here are a few requests we already have:

  • Luther Vandross
  • Alicia Keys
  • Teyanna Taylor
  • Erykah Badu
  • Drake
  • Gucci Mane
  • Micheal Jackson
  • New Edition
  • Glady’s Knight
  • Jodeci
  • Nas
  • Bankroll Fresh
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Schoolboy Q
  • Kanye West
  • Lil Kim
  • Keyshia Cole
  • Remy Ma
  • Big Krit

There are many artists already created and available for purchase at our Big Cartel store as well.We don’t typically repeat any artist once they have been created and sold. Any genre of music are welcome.

For more information on this exciting project follow our social media pages below for continuous updates throughout the next couple of weeks as we begin our 100 days of creating! If you are interested in participating in the annual 100 day project, signup for the weekly newsletter brought to you by Elle and Lindsay to stay updated here. This is just our first project of the month, as we will be taking part in many along with a couple interactive art events online and offline. Stay tuned for more information on those later on. Happy creating everyone!

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