Benefits of Using Twitter as an Affiliate Marketer

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another post in our Affiliate Marketing blog post series!
If you’re new here, this is the website and blog site for visual arts service Delux Designs (DE), LLC created and founded by freelance visual artist and digital marketer Keara Douglas. Right now we have an Affiliate Marketing blog series going on where we are giving a complete guide to digital marketing. Here’s a complete list of topics we have went over so far in the series below:

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Now that you’re all caught up, let’s dive into our topic for today which is Affiliate Marketing and Twitter.

We have touched basis on social media usage for affiliate marketers as a whole and have highlighted a couple of them including Pinterest but we haven’t really dug into Twitter. I first began personally using Twitter during the year of 2009-2010 as a senior in high school and freshman in college. This was the platform’s peak season. We, as in me and my high school classmates and college friends, would always use it on a regular basis either for funny content, meeting new people as a rising college undergrad, and even to find events to attend around campus. Soon after beginning my personal page I realized that I needed to separate personal from business because every personal thought I have does not necessarily reflect those of my business or it’s partners. So I created the DE Twitter page. At first I used it to gain more clientele for graphic design services, then I moved on to using it to connect with other business owners in my area. It has been very convenient for me. Once I built a following I began to link my blog posts to my main business twitter account and most of my content became automated on this particular platform over time. Lately sales have began to grow from new customers and clients from Twitter through those automated posts. I loved it then and still love it now as a 30 year old mother and entrepreneur living the adult life.

There are a number of ways you can benefit from having a Twitter page as an affiliate marketer but please first thing’s first, and I say this for all social media platforms, make sure you review your affiliate contracts and terms before posting your unique tracking links on each platform. Some partners and programs do not allow their affiliate links on specific platforms sometimes, so just keep that in mind.

Benefits of Twitter

  1. Easy Linkage
  2. Authentic Engagement
  3. No Posting Limits
  4. Less Visuals
  5. No Coding Requirements
  6. Chronological Feed

First benefit of using Twitter would be the easy linkage option.
What I mean by easy linking is that you can post your links with no problems and you don’t have to jump through a million hoops to do it. Twitter is based on what you type as a post where as other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram focus more on visuals. With Twitter you are able to post your visuals like graphics and photos, but the main aspect is typing your words, thoughts, and what you’re trying to say. With this type of focus you have more chances and potentials of getting your Twitter audience to click your links and possibly purchase from those unique links that you post.

Second benefit of using Twitter would be the authentic engagement.
For me, Twitter is where my main engagement online began. When you’re talking on Twitter it’s called tweeting so you’re literally talking to someone in real time. Again no distracting visuals or photos. Just you and other people typing directly to one another. I’ve built the best relationships online through Twitter alone due to this. This is where my first post went viral as well. One random repost with my thoughts on the topic that was tweeted and thousands began to repost or retweet how they felt about my comments and my account grew from there. With having an authentic engagement with others on the platform, I have been able to sell directly to those whom have engaged better.

Third benefit is no posting limits.
With any visual based social media site, after so many photos or graphics are posted your audience may become a bit bored with your content. They may end up seeing the same things over and over again and it will be counter productive for you to make your sales for that particular day. With Twitter, there is so much content being posted in real time it’s almost like you have to keep repeating yourself ultimately requiring you to post a lot more over time. And a majority of the time no one notices this. If you have a follower on Twitter who has 5,000 pages they’re following and all 5,000 are pretty much active with posting, that follower of yours is seeing content and statements being posted all day long in real time. When I say real time I mean as you’re posting your feed is constantly updating in chronological order of when the post was made. So you would have to keep posting on a regular basis to make sure that one follower can catch up to your content.

We’ve spoke about this in a couple of the other benefits but there are less visuals with Twitter. Sometimes, if you’re not careful with planning your content and what you post, visuals can become distracting from time to time. When you have a platform like Twitter where you can only focus on the text that has been typed out and published you are forced to read it. Which means you can get your message across better and faster with Twitter. I truly believe this is why news hits Twitter faster than any other social media site and news channel because it’s for one in real time and two focuses less on visuals. More actual information is being presented here daily. This is also great for those who do not have a background or experience with creating visuals or would like to save money on purchases visual designs and photos for their affiliate marketing content.

No coding required is a huge benefit for using Twitter.
To be honest, you can solely focus on posting your affiliate links solely on Twitter and actually make money from doing this if planned out correctly. You don’t need to know any type of coding at all with Twitter. Just copy your unique tracking link and paste it in a tweet with a couple words about what the link is and click post. It’s that easy.

Last but not least and probably the most important benefit is that Twitter is one of the last social media platforms that still give us the chronological feed. Twitter doesn’t have the aggravating algorithm shifts that are taking over Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook right now. When you post, that’s when others actually see it. Who you follow is the content that you see. There may be an occasional advertisement here and there but your feed is rarely overtaken by them as a whole without your control.

Welp that’s it for today. Next up is our post on How to Use Twitter as an Affiliate Marketer in our Affiliate Marketing series here. Thanks for reading everyone and feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, concerns, or questions in our comment section below!

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