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Delux Designs (DE), LLC is now offering online courses through Teachable! That’s right we are now teaching the public what we know about business, art & creative endeavors we have had success with over more than 10 years. Each course will be offered to anyone who enrolls in any country & of any age, business field, or blogging niche. All courses will be taught virtually online but they will not be your traditional one on one live courses. These are courses in which you will be able to self navigate & learn at your own pace and during your own set time schedule. Some will include downloadables including templates and print outs for you to be interactive and fully jump right into each lesson being taught.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging with DE Courses

  1. Lord knows I could really use this course. I’ve been trying to improve my design techniques so I can later make better Pinterest and Canva designs for my business

    1. Awesome! Go ahead and enroll. We will have more courses coming up soon on design that I believe can help you out with both platforms.

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