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Coins Over Chatter with Boss Chick Magic

Photography provided by Boss Chick Magic

Hey everyone! We hope you are doing good this Monday morning to start off your work week. We are back again with another blog post but a little different this go around. Most of the time we post with a product or something art related but this time we wanted to just talk a little to our readers and subscribers.

Our topic for today is inspired by our affiliate partner Boss Chick Magic in which we will be talking about Coins Over Chatter.

I love this quote and think it pertains to a number of different points including how we shouldn’t place so much energy into talking about what we are going to do and aspire to do, but actually doing it; the biggest warning sign that someone is not about to pay you for freelance services; and how we are staying drama free for 2019.

  1. Don’t Talk About it, Be About It. Don’t just talk about that great entrepreneurship idea or project you have in mind, just put the work in and do whatever it is you aspire to do. I see this all the time. People will come online and talk about how they plan to do this and that and how people will hate on them for it and just a whole bunch of talk literally. I am here to tell you, the more you talk about doing it, the less likely you are to actually do it. Stop with the chit-chat and start planning out your idea. You won’t see your results until you actually get started and jump right into your ambitions.
  2. Too Much Talk = Late Pay. We have learned (from experience) that the more questions someone asks about your freelance services, the less likely they are to order from you, let alone pay for the services they are hounding you about. Why is this like this. We don’t know but it happens from time to time. Consider this a time to start thinking about charging consultation fees.
  3. Stay Sucka Free. In 2019, we are staying sucka free, which means we are keeping the drama at a zero status. Personally, I feel the same way as Grammy Award winning music artist Cardi B feels when she said, “you know who pop the most shit, the people whose shit not together”. Just think, how can you focus on your own lane and work if you’re doing a lot of talking. This ties into what we discussed in number one on not talking about it but being about it.


Photography provided by Boss Chick Magic

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I completely agree with all the points mentioned here. This is actually a great post for me-just the motivation I needed.

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