Custom painting commissions are being accepted! These paintings are great for unique, one of a kind gifts during the holidays and birthdays. A commission through DE guarantees quality artwork at an affordable price that anyone can use to decorate homes or businesses. We understand that some artists or painting services may keep their prices confidential or hidden from you, while giving you the run around and forcing you to jump through hoops just to be overcharged for your artwork compared to others. We at DE aim to treat you, the consumer and client, fairly when being charged for any type of artwork through us. We want you to know what you are being charged for upfront and ensure you that you are being treated fairly. Shipping costs may vary depending on where it is being shipped to, but all official commission prices for any paintings are equal across the board to everyone no matter what is being painted. Prices are listed below for your reference. To place your order today or if you have any questions of concerns, please email us at or  Check out examples of our artwork at or

Commissions vary in size and painting surfaces. Painting surfaces include canvas panels, wrapped canvases, mi tientes paper, drawing paper, and illustration board. A size chart has been included below for your reference.  Shipping and handling are included in prices listed. International shipping acquire an additional $10 charge fee. All paintings ship between 7-10 days. Turnaround for all paintings range from 3-4 weeks. All transactions are done via Paypal, a 50% deposit must be paid upfront and the remainder once the artwork has been completed, before the artwork is shipped. All commissions are final sale, as there are no returns nor exchanges once the purchase has been made.


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