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We recently announced our revamped non-profit The DE Foundation this past month and our endeavors as to what all we are intending to focus on. Today we are highlighting our third and newest focus, The Purple Crown Project.

The Purple Gold Project

The Purple Crown Project is something that I (@K_DougDE) have been working on since the year of 2011. This newest segment of The DE Foundation focuses on bringing awareness to domestic violence against women at the hands of men in our society today. This is a project that is very personal and dear to my heart for more than one reason. The first reasoning being that me and my family lost a very sweet young lady to domestic violence back in 2011. This is a dedication and honor to her. Second reasoning being my own personal encounter with domestic violence. After I experienced my own small taste of this epidemic, I decided to push forward with making this project bigger and better to help out other women who may be going through or have went through the same exact trauma throughout their lives as well.

More is coming soon, from virtual campaigns activities, to offline events in a city near you so stay tuned for all of the upcoming things we have to offer soon!

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The Purple Gold Project

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