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Hello everyone and welcome back to Delux Designs (DE), LLC!
If you’re new here, this is a blog and website for the DE Brand in which we post about all things creative including designing, painting, and crafting along with business tips and advice on marketing.

Along with our normal niche and topics that we post about, we also like to help out our audience and subscribers in any way that we can. One way we have decided to help out is by providing a way for the public to apply for job positions. We here at DE know all too well how hard it can be to find a descent job right now. Even with a ton of openings, there aren’t many that pay a descent amount plus offer some descent benefits for yourself and families you may be responsible for. So what we do is provide some position openings that we come across that pay a fair share while also have a reputation for taking care of their employees or partners.

There are a couple ways you can apply to the position openings that we post:

  1. Join the DE Email List here.
  2. Join the DE Jobs Facebook Group here.
  3. Visit The DE Jobs website page here.

One rule of thumb for all job postings here with DE, and especially in our DE Jobs Facebook Group is that we never post a job opening that does not directly and upfront give their salary amounts for the positions they are wanting filled. As job seekers ourselves here, we know the frustration of going through the interview process just for the hiring managers to tell us an amount that doesn’t fit our lifestyle. We don’t want anyone’s time wasted and we would like to be as transparent as possible with the position openings that we refer over and post about.

Hiring Managers, you are more than welcome to join our Facebook Group and post your job openings. We encourage you to use our platform to possibly find new employees to fill those open positions you may have. But under three conditions:

Rules for Posting Jobs in the DE Jobs Facebook Group:

  1. All job postings must include:
    • Name of the position
    • Name of the company or brand that is hiring for the position
    • Location of the position whether it be a physical city for traditional in office, plant, or warehouse work, or a virtual remote position. It must be stated where this job is.
  2. All job postings must include pay rate. This is mandatory. Again we don’t want to waste applicant’s time nor your time as a company or brand hiring.
  3. All job postings must include a valid link directly to a page where applicants can apply directly. No middle man websites and please do not make it difficult for applicants to apply by forcing them to job through hoops. We check all links posted to make sure they’re valid and if they are not or there’s too much work to apply, we delete them. If you post any job openings where you state that applicants must message you directly in anyway to apply, we will delete the post automatically and delete you from the group. This is to prevent any spammers or scams from happening in our group.

Feel free to click any of the links shown above to begin your job search and let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns!

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