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Happy New Year everyone!
Can you believe we are already in 2022?
Seems like the years just go by faster and faster each year.

For us, these past couple years have been really exciting for DE as we’ve made some great progress and some new improvements for our services. Of course though, just like for everyone else, personally the years of 2019 until now have been very heavy emotionally, financially and spiritually but we have maintained well business wise. The digital world grew tremendously for 2021 which enabled us to push towards more goals and have a bigger outreach online than we have ever had before. Unfortunately, some services of ours didn’t make it through the pandemic but at the same time fortunately new services began because of the pandemic. So we did balance out well. We thank each and every one of you who have supported us during the year of 2021. We could never do what we do without you and we appreciate you. Let’s take a look at our progress from January through December of 2021.

January 2021 – DE + Etsy

At the end of 2020, we decided to open our very own Etsy Shop in an effort to begin our e-commerce site online, and we did not regret it at all. This enabled us to provide our crafts to the public directly and in an organized manner. Since then, we have received over 30 orders and some great responses to our products. For 2022, we plan to release a ton of other products including more wood crafts and designs but through our own website platform and store.

Unfortunately, for 2022 we are parting ways with Etsy. This has always been a goal and plan for us since we began offering our crafts and handmade items to the public. We intended to use Etsy as a order processing site for us until we got our own shop page and store running smoothly on our main website here. Well we are at that point so everything has been moved to our shop page listed here for future orders. If you have a current order being processed don’t worry you’re all set and there’s nothing you need to do, your order will be processed just the same as before. We thank Etsy for their time and effort in helping us to get our store started, they have been wonderful and a great e-commerce site to use in our efforts to grow as a business.

February 2021 – COLORS: The DE Coloring Book

COLORS: The DE Coloring Book written and illustrated by Visual Artist Keara Douglas

We started off 2021 with the release of our first, but not last, book called COLORS: The DE Coloring Book. Our first and main goal for COLORS was to provide a source of entertainment through the hands on activity of coloring while also giving some educational material during the pandemic for families, childcare workers, and stay at home parents whom may be homeschooling. During the end of 2020, I personally watched so many children not be able to go to school consistently which affected their educational level and learning levels so much. So many schools have ended up short handed due to the pandemic that a lot of valuable lessons and plans were cut, like black history for example. This led me to creating a coloring book to teach about black history or at the very least get those conversations flowing and going among parents and their children.

Since it’s release, we have sold over 50 copies and counting in a variety of different states in the United States so far. Hopefully we can continue this success for our new book series for 2022.
The second edition is releasing February 2022 this year.

May 2021 – TikTok

We have a new social media link for you all to follow us and keep up with everything happening behind the scenes with DE! Our TikTok page was really active for the year of 2021 and we intend on keeping that activity plus adding more for 2022! We appreciate those who have already followed us through the video platform and those who have interacted a lot with our video posts.

If you’re not already, follow here.

June 2021 – Commission Expansion

2021 was the year of commission expansion for us.
We decided to focus the front end of the year on creating some memorable acrylic portrait painting pieces upon request for clients of DE. We absolutely loved everyone’s reactions to them along with our painting videos behind the scene on TikTok. 2022 will see an uptick in these as well especially around Mother’s Day so stay tuned.

You can place your order today by clicking here.

July 2021 – Premades

Premade Graphic Designs were added to our website in 2021 in which anyone is able to purchase and download our designs to fit their brands and businesses. We will be expanding on these type of designs throughout 2022 while also providing a more convenient way of receiving design work from us so stay tuned for those updates soon.

August 2021 – New E-Course

Our Affiliate Marketing blog series for 2021 smoothly led into a complete e-course called The Art of Marketing where you can learn how to become a digital marketer with a focus in affiliate marketing in collaboration with Teachable! We have had some great feedback from the course so far and intend to build more with this in the next coming months of 2022. Go ahead and signup here for our course if you haven’t already.

December 2021 – New Shop Page

We have a brand new Shop page on our website if you have not noticed, along with the ability to shop from our posts on Instagram and Facebook. This is a huge milestone for us to give our customers and subscribers an easier way to enjoy our products and purchase from us. Our new shop page here on our website will include updates in one central location along with coupons and special updates for all of our subscribers.

All of our products have been added to our Facebook and Instagram Shop catalogs so when we post images or videos of them in our social media feeds, you will have the option to click and shop instantly, isn’t that great?

Check it out by clicking here and don’t hesitate to click “shop here” under any of our product posts!

If you aren’t already, follow us on TikTok at here.

Welp that’s all for our New Year Recap.
Again, we truly appreciate all the love and support for DE and hope that we have just as much success in 2022 as we have had in year 2021.

What’s your New Year Resolution?
Any goals or dreams you would like to manifest and come true?
Leave your resolutions in the comment sections shown below.

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