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When you make a purchase, you pay an Artist. Here's the impact that simple idea has made: We're helping Artists live out their dreams.

$36 MILLION the amount we've paid Artists to date.

I've been able to save money, quit my full-time job and do freelance full-time. If anyone was going to write a tearful, cheesy thank you note to S6 - it'd be me. Matthew Taylor Wilson

Customers from over130 Countriesshop for designs at S6.

My mom always says that it's so funny how I can sit here in Sweden and do nothing while at the same time I'm making money in Los Angeles. So cool! Hanna KL

$90k + per year. The annual income you help our top Artists earn.

In 2017, over 60,000 Artists made sales through S6. I will always remember when I sold my first design: a phone case. I danced around my dorm. THat someone out there in the universe liked what I created and wanted to carry it around blew my mind. Leah Flores.



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