DE Twitter Art Chat!

Q: What is a twitter chat?
A: Twitter chats are like virtual meet and greets, networking events online. They are used to bring tweeters together to discuss topics either related to careers, non-profits, causes, cultures, and much more all expense free for you, the reader.

Since our increased engagement on twitter, we have been participating in a lot of new twitter chats lately. But even though I have been online and participating in these virtual events on a regular basis and have received some amazing new content and information, I can’t say that I have participated in one that was solely based off on fine art itself.
So we thought, why not start one of our own, ya know?

DE Art Chat.jpg

Monday, July 31, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Standard Time will be our very first twitter chat! We are very excited about this and hope you all can join us! This will be a weekly/monthly scheduled virtual chat so be sure to follow us @deluxds for all updates on this as well!

See ya tomorrow everyone!


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