#DEArTalk – Call For Artists | July 2017


Blog submissions are now open for all artists! #DEArTalk was created this year to give artists from all around the world a chance to tell their stories in a way to be an inspiration to others. Each art talk session, we provide everyone with a theme to go by for that particular time frame.

-Must be a graphic designer, graphic artist, painter, sculptor, fashion designer, interior designer, cake decorator, graffiti artist, tattoo artist, illustrator.
-100 to 500 word count
-High Resolution Head Shot or Full Body Photo (no selfies)

  • Theme

For this Call For Artist, we are going with a SUMMER theme. That means that your blog post submission should relate to summer in some, way shape or form. It must be art related as well. If you’re having some trouble deciding on what you want your topic to be, check out the list provided below for your reference.

  • Topics

We are giving all artists creative freedom to choose which ever topic you would like as long as it relates to the theme above. All topics must be art related. I have listed a couple topic suggestions below for your reference:

-Art Journey
-Art Inspiration
-Favorite Art Medium
-Upcoming Art Events
-Upcoming Art Projects
-Current Art Projects
-Art Book

Topics are not limited to the suggestions listed above, again you have creative freedom to choose  a topic of your choice as long as it is art related and pertains to the theme given in someway.

All submissions must be emailed to deluxds@yahoo.com. Deadline is June 30, 2017. Submissions will go up July 01, 2017. Check out some previous submissions below from fellow artists! Happy Blogging!

Artistic Journey of Jenean
Riding With Victor Garcia

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