#DEArTalk – FAQ

I have received a lot of questions about the requirements for our art blog submissions, so I figured why not make a blog post addressing everything at one time so everyone won’t be so confused.

  1. Is there a fee we must pay in order to submit our post?
    a. No, all blog post submissions are 100% free
  2. Do we have to have artwork available to post a submission?
    a. No, this is a blog submission of your choice. You don’t necessarily have to post about your artwork, but it must be art related in some way, shape or form.
  3. How many times can we submit a post?
    a. Once, we want to give everyone the opportunity to post their blog submission.
  4. How long will the post be up?
    a. Forever. This is a continuous thing we are doing in which there will be future themes and topics to go on later on in the year. All posts will remain online forever.
  5. Can we use this as a way to promote our services or events?
    a. Yes, this is a free promotional tool and opportunity for any creatives in the art field right now.
  6. Can fashion designers submit posts?
    a. Yes, but there are some limitations for fashion designers. All designers must actually make their clothing, meaning they have sewn fabric together from scratch to make the clothing pieces, or they have painted a custom image of some sort onto clothing to make it unique. We are not accepting any screen printers or anything of that sort.
  7. Do you have to be a South Carolina resident to submit a post?
    a. No, this is available for anyone around the world. If you are a native of another country other than the United States, there will be a translated version of your submission at the bottom of your post so all of us in the United States can understand and read it.
  8. Are you limiting all posts to African American artists?
    a. No, all artists are welcome. We here at DE do not discriminate based on skin color, gender, nor religion.

Please email or comment below if you have any questions or concerns, thanks to everyone who have submitted already, check out their posts here!

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