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#DEArtMom – Hamilton Beach SingleServe Blender Product Review

Hello and welcome back to the #DEArtMom motherhood and parenting blog segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC! If you’re new here, this is a part of the DE Blog where we talk about any and everything dealing with being a mother and parenting. For today’s post we are doing a product review for the Hamilton Beach SingleServe Blender from our affiliate partner Target.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I purchased this blender during the first year of being a mother and it has been one of my most favorite kitchen tools to use on a regular basis. If you’re anything like me, your time is limited when even having just one child when it comes to cooking and preparing meals so having tools and items that cut that cooking time in half is highly important as a mom or a parent. This blender has done just that for me.

First thing I love about my Hamilton Beach SingleServe Blender is the fact that it’s my favorite color red. Since purchasing mine in store however, I haven’t seen many other stores offering the red option lately, so just keep that in mind if you’re looking to purchase the exact same one as mine shown in my photos for this post today. It also comes in a variety of other different colors from pink to green and an assortment of other shades so it’s great to fit in with your kitchen décor of choice. Second thing I love is that it’s lightweight. Other blenders I’ve used are typically heavy in weight making it stationary most of the time but this one I can move around with ease. With it being lightweight I’m also able to travel with it if needed. No other necessary parts are needed, just the blender itself.

Photography provided by Target

Moving on to how it works, you just plug it into an outlet, that’s it. Place your foods inside the main cup, twist the cup to lock into place with the base of the blender, and put the top on it to blend your foods of choice. The functions of this blender are simple as well compared to other blenders. There aren’t a million buttons to press just to simply blend foods so if you’re a first timer when it comes to blending this is great for you. You just hold down one button to blend and that’s it. When you release the button, the blending stops and your beverage or food mixture is complete.

Safety wise, the Hamilton Beach SingleServe Blender is the best. With only having one button that you hold down to blend foods, you don’t have to worry about turning it on and it automatically running the blade potentially causing you to cut yourself or even more tragic accidents. Of course you still need to be safe using any type of blending tool and never stick your hand inside the cup while blending.

Mess wise, it’s pretty clean to use but always make sure you place the top on the blending cup when using it or food still has the potential to splatter upward and outward. We don’t want to create extra work for us while cooking. The top cap for the cup has a opening door that’s great for cleanly pouring and reducing spills when pouring.

To clean this blender, it’s pretty simple and easy. Just remove the blender cup and wash it out with soap and water. You also have the option of removing the inner blades as well from the bottom of the cup but be careful when disassembling to make sure you place each part back exactly how it came together when purchased, and be careful that you don’t cut yourself. Never wet or submerge the base of the blender for risks of electrocuting yourself when plugging it back in for your next use.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

As I mentioned before, as parents we are always looking for ways to cut cooking times in half and this blender does just that. Within in seconds your food is fully blended and liquified fully. You don’t have to sit and hold that button down for long periods of time. You don’t have to spend endless minutes to hours cutting, slicing, and mashing your foods together either. This kitchen essential does all of the hard work for you so you’ll have more time enough your beverages or meals together as a family.

Overall I would give the Hamilton Beach SingleServe Blender a 10 out of 10 rating.
Highly recommend it if you cook a lot of pancakes or bake a lot for your family like we do. It’s even great for smoothies as well.

To purchase your very own Hamilton Beach SingleServe Blender directly from this post feel free to click the banner below or visit your local Target store in your area.

Have your ever used the Hamilton Beach Blender before?
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