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#DEArtMom – Little Tikes Inflatable Art Easel Review

Hello and welcome to the motherhood and parenting blog segment #DEArtMom of Delux Designs (DE), LLC. For today’s post we will be reviewing the Little Tikes Inflatable Art Easel from Amazon that me and my daughter were able to try out a couple times this summer.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I came across the Little Tikes Inflatable Easel during an online shopping trip to Amazon for Christmas gift ideas this past Christmas holiday season of 2022 last year. The price was pretty good, and I wanted my daughter to jump into more crafting of course since that’s what a majority of my day consists of. I figured while I’m outdoors from time to time painting or assembling an art project or commission, this would be great for her to take part in creating.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I can say that this is one of my favorite purchases for outdoor activities for the summer season of 2023. This wasn’t a very long process to set up. A pump came with the easel so that saved a lot of time. I thought it would be more of an electric pump but even with it being manual, it still wasn’t a very long process of getting the easel inflated. Included were a set of paint that’s kid friendly, along with some paintbrushes as well. There were also some stakes included to secure the easel into the ground.

The great thing I love about this product is the easy clean up. All I had to do was spray the area where paint was applied or landed with the water hose and it rinsed off easily. I did allow the easel to air dry once rinsed, but you can wipe it down once you rinse it so it’s not wet when storing. I would not advise storing this product while still wet as that could cause mold to grow on it which isn’t good for children. Once mine was dry completely, I deflated the easel. For me this was during hotter months so I allowed it to delfate fully on it’s own outdoors. The pump includes a deflation option as well that you can use. After that I folded it neatly and stored in a bin for later use.

The main paint area features a picture of a Little Tike Crazy Coupe vehicle and then there is another area that can be used that’s transparent. Not many options to paint from but it’s just enough for your little one to have some fun outdoors. If you’d like to purchase one of your own today, feel free to click the banner shown below to purchase directly from our post on Amazon today.
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