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#DEArtMom – Mommy and Me Incredibles Halloween Costume from Target

Hello and welcome to #DEArtMom, the motherhood and parenting blog segment for Delux Designs (DE), LLC. Today we will be highlighting a great costume set from our affiliate partner Target in collaboration with mompreneur @K_DougDE so there may be affiliate links throughout this post in which we receive a commission if a purchase is made through them.
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Mommy and Me Incredibles Halloween Costume Set

Halloween is such a big time period for me. The whole idea of picking a theme and dressing up in your costume is the biggest thrill that I love the most about this particular holiday. I knew once that time came for me to become a mother that I would be participating fully in these festivities annually right along side my child(ren). While my daughter is younger, I often opt to find matching costumes that are identical. This will more than likely change as time progresses and she becomes much older and wants to do her own thing. But as of right now I am savoring the moment and creating great experiences for her. Opting for identical costumes while my child is younger is great for me because it’s fairly more affordable, and it saves me time from looking for two different costumes.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I found this Incredibles costume set from just browsing around Target, but I had to visit a second Target location in my area to get one exactly like my daughter’s in my size. It’s kid appropriate and was something fun for the occassion we attended. THe price wasn’t that bad, typical rate for a Halloween costume. My daughter’s came with her full jumpsuit and her mask. Mine came with a shirt, pants, and the overlay skirt as well. Mask and gloves were also included. Only two things I had to purchase outside of what came with each costume set were shoes. It was cool but still a little warm so her little black booties went great with her costume, mine I opted for boots.

I would say though to be aware that the infant costume jumpsuit runs a bit smaller in fit so size up when ordering. The women’s costume pants run fairly bigger in fit so size down for those. Whatever size is chosen for the pants will be the size automatically chosen for the skirt overlay. The shirt was mainly fit to size but with minimal stretch room so keep that in mind as well. Overall I loved our costume set and we got so many compliments on it. I would highly recommend for either a mommy or daddy and me look, or even a full family costume look for the Halloween holiday season.

I’ve provided a link that includes both the Disguise Womens Mrs. Incredible Deluxe Costume and the Disguise Infant Classic The Incredibles Jumpsuit Costume for purchase in this post today so you are able to purchase if you would like by clicking the banner below.

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