#DEArTour – 3 Landmarks Worth Visiting in Little Rock

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When thinking of places with lots of attractions and amenities, Little Rock, Arkansas likely isn’t a place that’s at the top of the list. That being said, Little Rock actually has a lot to offer both residents and visitors. There are many well known landmarks around the Little Rock area, attractions that span a variety of areas. Some landmarks relate to history and politics, while others may revolve around nature or science. So if you just closed on one of the Little Rock houses for sale and are looking for a place to visit this weekend, what should you decide on? Here are three landmarks in the Little Rock area that are absolutely worth visiting. 

Arkansas State Capitol

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas, and as a result it is the hub for all of the state’s political activity. Much like how Washington D.C is the seat of the federal government, Little Rock houses all of the state’s politics. Most of the politics of the state are done in the Arkansas State Capitol, a beautiful building with lots of important history behind it. Not only is the building a pretty cool sight to see in itself, but it also can be quite fascinating as well. There are various tours you can go on, tours that will educate you on the history and politics of Arkansas. Finally there are several monuments and memorials on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol, all honoring different parts of the state’s history. If you’re in Little Rock, then you definitely should consider visiting this landmark that has contributed so much to the state’s history and politics.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

If you’re into natural landmarks and outdoor activities, then you’ll love Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Located just outside of Little Rock, Pinnacle Mountain State Park has a little something for every type of outdoors enthusiasts. One can hike one of the trails in the park, having a relaxing stroll through the beauty of nature. Alternatively, you could have a nice outdoor picnic, taking in the various sights and sounds of the park while you enjoy your meal. Those that are more adventurous and are seeking thrills can either mountain bike or climb to the top of the park, rewarding themselves with a breath-taking view. Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy and can allow you to take in all sorts of different sights and sounds, making it a great landmark for you to visit. 

Museum of Discovery

Another great educational landmark to visit in Little Rock is the Museum of Discovery. If you are into science or have children that are interested in science, then this is the perfect place to visit. The museum has several exhibits and displays, all relating to science and holding some educational value. Sometimes it’s just fascinating to visit the museum and learn about the wonders of science, as there truly are things out there that will blow your mind. However, one of the best things about the Museum of Discovery is how they cater to children. The museum has several exhibits that are very kid-friendly, exhibits that can help your children learn about science and put things in perspective. The museum goes out of its way to be accommodating towards children, something that parents greatly appreciate. If you’re looking for a Little Rock landmark that’s great for the whole family to visit, then you should strongly consider the Museum of Discovery.

Have you ever been to Little Rock, Arkansas? What was your experience like? Did you like or dislike it? Have you ever been to any of the three landmarks listed above? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section of this post.


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