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Booking Cares Fund

Did you know?

Our affiliate partner Booking.com has a funding program that can help you towards your tourism goals and achieve the perfect vacations for yourself or your business yearly.

The Booking Cares Fund compensates non-profit sustainable travel projects which present new and unexpected solutions to reimagine the industry. With the Booking Cares Fund, they support projects that strengthen local communities, preserve and promote local culture, help disperse tourism and protect natural resources.

Projects can come from and take place all over the world, for example, representing universities, non-profits, research institutes and governments. Those that present bold, ambitious plans to truly transform the travel industry will be invited to Amsterdam to develop their project plan with the support of our partner Booking.com and have the chance to receive funding to fuel their progress over the course of the following year.

Who is eligible?

Teams Passionate About Sustainable Tourism

Booking.com is searching for teams that are developing solution-based projects that transform the travel industry and problem solvers that are capable of engineering their visions into reality.


Ideas and Projects That Spark Change At Scale

Are you developing ideas that can scale to different locations or projects that reach across different regions? Booking.com is looking at scalability as one of the key factors in determining a project’s potential to shape how local, regional and global players approach sustainable travel, both through implementation and knowledge sharing.


Something Innovative and Experimental

Does the idea explore new avenues and experiment with an original approach to replace old practices? Booking.com is looking for projects and initiatives that are truly transformational in character, and not just a tweak to current practice.


Belief In The Power of Technology

Booking.com wants to foster projects and teams who share the belief that technology and innovation can accelerate positive change within the travel industry at large.

Apply Here

Deadline: September 15, 2018

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