#DEArTour – Protest Signs Exhibition with CAB Gallery

Digital Illustrations designed by Visual Artist Keara Douglas | Photography provided by CAB Gallery

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For today’s post, we would like to hihglight one of our latest art exhibition features for this past month of March 2022.

Digital Illustrations designed by Visual Artist Keara Douglas | Photography provided by CAB Gallery

During the month of March our owner and founder Keara Douglas had the opportunity to showcase two of her digital illustrations in the Protest Signs Projected Voices in the Community Juried Art Exhibition curated by CAB Gallery at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina.

First digital illustration is titled Hands Up, Don’t Shoot that depicts Miss Douglas’s viewpoint of the tragic occasion of when unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri during the year of 2014. The second digital illustration is titled The People Say Guilty depicting again Miss Douglas’ viewpoint of yet another tragic occasion in apart of American History of when unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin was murdered at the hands of community watch resident while he was walking home in Sanford, Florida during the year of 2012.

Each illustration is a digital collage of different photographs taken during the turmoil of these two murders that Miss Douglass came across through either social media, news channels, or even newspaper clippings. Each photo is then recreated into one complete art piece. The central illustration of each piece are of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin as the set focal points as a remembrance of two lives that were taken away too soon. These two illustrations were framed in two black floating frames and are hangable horizontally for the show.

We would like to thank the CAB Gallery of the University of North Carolina Wilmington for allowing our artwork to be featured in the show. This is the first art exhibit feature for us in the city of Wilmington, North Carolina and the first for the 2022 year.

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