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For one of my very first stops on the #DEArTour yeas ago during 2014 when I visited the Palm Beach Gardens Studio E Gallery of Florida. This exciting fine arts gallery is tucked away surrounded by beautiful palm trees, the most amazing golf courses of the nation and some really cool exotic animals roaming the parking lots around it. Mainly what attracted me to the gallery and persuaded me to walk in were the portrait style paintings in the windows. Typically for art galleries, I see lots of landscape paintings and sceneries in gallery windows but for this one there were modern day paintings of women and different Hollywood figures that caught my attention and were of something that I could recognize. Another thing that made this particular gallery stand out, was the larger than life chess game sculpture set up outside as well. Very cool!


IMG_5012Sunny Choi. Marilyn On Break. Oil on Canvas. 60 x 72 in

The first artwork shown in Studio E Gallery is one from painter and fashion designer Sunny Choi of Korea. At first glance, I thought that her work was of acrylic paint but once up close when I entered the gallery, I quickly learned that she is an oil painter. Her work attracted me the most out of all of the artists featured because of the texture and colors. Her color palettes were calm in each painting yet seemed to pop in the same way that traditional acrylic paintings normally do. I loved it!

IMG_4999Sunny Choi. XOXO Kate. Oil on Canvas.

Derek Gores. Unlock Your Story. Collage.

Another great art piece that caught my attention while visiting Studio E Gallery is one from Melbourne, Florida artist Derek Gores. In this particular piece shown above, Gores mixes together recycled magazines, labels, data, assorted found analog, along with digital materials on canvas. The different recycled material used to create the works of beauty and display of feminism were very attractive to me.

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