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Insecure is probably my second favorite television series behind She’s Gotta Have It.
I first came across this series a couple years ago while literally just flipping the channels on my television. What really caught my attention was the cover art for the series. It just looked interesting and something that I would enjoy and ever since then I have.
Lets take a look at the cast below.



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Issa is the main character of the HBO series played by rising actress Isa Rae.
She’s in that stage of her life where she has everything that she needs but she’s bored and wants some sort of excitement in the first season…..oh so she thinks. After cheating on her live in boyfriend with an old fling, just trying to “scratch an itch”, her life begins to turn into a rollercoaster by season two of the series. After losing her relationship, she begins to enjoy life again but becomes lonely and seeks another thrill to satisfy those “itches” again.


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Molly is Issa’s best friend in the series, played by actress Yvonne Orji.
She works in the corporate world, very successful financially and has many luxury assets including a luxury condo in the city. Her circle of friends are small but she seems to be a true friend throughout the first season when it comes to helping Issa stay on track with her life…..or at least she tries to. It’s just one thing missing in Molly’s life that she eagerly desires more than anything…….a loving relationship that has the potential to lead to a loving marriage with the man of her dreams.


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Lawerence  is played by actor Jay Ellis. He is Issa’s boyfriend. During the first season, Lawerence was unemployed with a desire to become an entrepreneur and develop his very on lucrative app. But with many failed attempts with job applications and job interviews, he found himself stuck on the couch of his and Issa’s small one bedroom apartment daily. After being cheated on, he however began to take a turn for the better by getting a new job of his dreams and moving on to another woman of his interest.
But is he still in love with Issa deep down?


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Kelli is Issa and Molly’s best friend since college days.
She is played by Natasha Rothwell throughout the series. She is that friend in your circle that speaks her mind no matter what. She’s not going to sugarcoat her advice on anything that you ask and she’s always down to have some fun.


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Tiffany is played by Amanda Seales and she’s another one of Issa and Molly’s best friends from college just like Kelli. One thing about this character that is clear upfront is that she is the bougie friend. Her desire to have everything perfect (expensive) was very noticeable during the second season of the television series. We didn’t see her much but when we did something just seemed off with her marriage to her husband.
Her relationship is being portrayed as the most perfect in the world so I’m hoping we will get to see more of her character during the upcoming third season of the series.


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Played by Y’lan Noel, Daniel is what you would call an old “friend with benefits” from Issa’s past during high school and college. They have a long history together and often kept in touch via social media over time, even with Issa still being in a relationship during a majority of that time period. The only problem came about when Issa was in a relationship during season one with Lawerence and she had another little fling night with her former lover. Lawerence later finds out which leads to his and Issa’s break up. It appeared that was the end for Issa and Daniel but did they really just end up in a relationship of their own?

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5 thoughts on “DeluxEdition – Insecure

  1. I was just telling my sister that I have nothing to watch nowadays because all my shows that I used to watch have been discontinued. I think I will start watching this one. Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! It’s a great series! The third season returns this weekend, so you have plenty of binge worthy episodes to watch beforehand. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. can’t wait to watch the new season! Forever my favorite show, I can relate to Issa soo much 🙂

    1. Yes! Hopefully her and Daniel will work out this go around compared to her and Lawerence.

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