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Luke Cage by Marvel is one of the hottest comic book television series out right now, just like their hit new movie premiere of Black Panther from earlier this year! I absolutely love it! Ever since the first season aired last year, I have been anticipating the second season and it is finally coming this summer! This series is about a young black man, recently released from jail that is trying to get back on his feet while residing in Harlem, New York. He maintains two different jobs to make ends meet but runs into major problems when he is forced to fight off bad people in his neighborhood spreading violence. Read more about this television series below and the cast to find out when the new season will air!

The Cast

Luke Cage

Mike Colter in Luke Cage (2016)
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Luke Cage is played by Columbia, South Carolina native Mike Colter. The entire series is based on his character of being an ex-con who recently served his time and was released. He resides in Harlem, New York where he fights criminals from corrupting his hometown neighborhood.

Misty Knight

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Misty Knight is a detective in Harlem, New York played by Simone Missick. She is the key to solving and ending the crime going on the neighborhood behind Luke Cage.

Black Mariah

Alfre Woodard in Luke Cage (2016)Photography provided by IMDb

Black Mariah is one of Cottonmouth’s first cousins, played by Alfre Woodard. She covers up her hidden agenda for the Harlem, New York neighborhood by becoming a councilwoman for the city but her plans hit a bump after she murders her own family member.


Mahershala Ali in Luke Cage (2016)

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Cottonmouth is played by Mahershala Ali. He is one of Luke Cage’s enemies and the first cousin of Black Mariah.


Theo Rossi in Luke Cage (2016)Photography provided by IMDb

Shades character is played by Theo Rossi where he is a hit man for Cottonmouth and Stryker, but after the murder of one of his bosses, he ends up being Black Mariah’s right hand man in the end.


Rosario Dawson in Luke Cage (2016)Photography provided by IMDb

Clare is played by Rosario Dawson where she is a female African American doctor character in the comic book series who becomes romantically involved with Luke Cage, all while helping him fend off neighborhood enemies.

This exciting series aired in 2017 and the second season is already scheduled for this summer! Click the link below to find out when!

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