DeluxEdition: New Controversial Movie ‘Bright’ Starring Will Smith

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This new fantasy, action packed movie stars award winning actor Will Smith as Daryl Ward, a LAPD police officer, along with actor Joel Edgerton as Jakoby a LAPD police officer as well. Daryl and Jakoby are partners who handle mainly street crimes like robberies and that sort of thing throughout Los Angeles, California.

What makes this particular film so controversial is Edgerton’s role. He plays an orc which is sort of reminded me of the ogre character in the animation movie Shrek from years ago, but in a more realistic, human form. Of course he’s not the only orc around, there is a whole population of them just like you have African Americans and Hispanics for example. Orcs in this film are seen as an additional race overall, but they are not treated well at all. In fact they are discriminated against on  a very large scale, pretty much similar to how the African American race has been treated throughout time in the United States. Jakoby even caught heat from his own race by being a police officer and being seen as a traitor. I believe this is what makes this film that much more controversial. You can clearly see that the orc population in this movie is seen as the lower class, stereotyped as thugs and gang members, even animals, who have no future. Where as the Caucasian population throughout the film are seen yet again as superior with African Americans and Hispanics in the middle.

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The reason I decided to highlight this particular film with DeluxEdition after viewing it, is because it touched basis on a continued yet overlooked problem with the police of the United States using unnecessary force and even sometimes deadly force with civilians that they see as a threat, but aren’t really doing anything threatening towards them in reality. The main tie I found this film to have with police brutality is where it is based at, Los Angeles. Everyone knows since the Rodney King beating back in 1992 that Los Angeles, California has been the main hub for police brutality against African Americans, specifically African American men and with this film highlighting that yet again in a different way, I think it was highly effective. Instead of the typical film being released showing African American men being harmed in the hands of police like we have seen on so many different occasions over and over again, they implemented a whole new race of people to make a statement and to take a stand against a continuing issue. This caught a lot of people’s attention which opened some eyes that weren’t really paying attention to this issues before.

If you love fantasy, action filled movies then you will love Bright!

Even though this film touched on many very important social and civil issues, it also had a fun feel to it as well. Reminded me really of a mixture between the movies Crash, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Of course I already mentioned the orcs, but also included throughout the film are fairies, elves and something called brights. The fairies didn’t really play human roles, they were seen as more of insects. In the beginning of the movie you can see Daryl swat and kill a fairy. I guess you can say they replaced the normal “flies” you would normally see flying around. The elves had roles as FBI agents in search of what they called brights. The brights were these special people that possessed special magical powers. They were highly valuable yet very dangerous.

Well that’s enough info for you all on this film, I recommend all of our readers to check it out and let us know what you think about it if you already have in our comment section below! Also check out my latest article with Blasting News on Bright as well below, thanks for reading everyone!

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