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So I had the opportunity to check out the second season of She’s Gotta Have It from hit producer, writer and director Spike Lee finally this past weekend and we have a lot to unpack here with our newest post for DeluxEdition’s television and movie review segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC. First and foremost, if you have not watched this new season of the television series and don’t want any spoilers beforehand, do not continue reading this post. It will only spoil the fun for you and of course we don’t want that, come back after you’ve viewed it for yourself to discuss the show.

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Episode 1: #ImFeelingMyFeelings

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The first episode started off dope.
The setting for this season brought a different vibe as well with it being summertime in New York. An extra great perk for this new season I must say. Nola’s braids were on point! Beautiful look for her and a great choice with that New York heat of the summer season. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale was highlighted in the very beginning which I intend to check out very soon, I love adding new literature material to my growing collection and this was an amazing reference to start the season off with.

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I was not expecting to see Nola and Opal back together and pretty much moving towards being a complete family for this season. Of course they are both still highly sexual with one another but I just can’t help but think their relationship will not last. To me it seems like Nola is just filling a void and craving that attention on a regular still just like in the first season, but Opal seems to know exactly what she wants and knows exactly where she wants to go in life. I’m hoping they will last but I just can’t help but think that Nola doesn’t know what exactly she’s getting into, it’s more sexual and fun filled for her. Nola does have a great relationship with Opal’s daughter Skylar from what I noticed in the first episode. They seem to be closer than before since Opal’s daughter is a lot older now but her friendliness and fun like attitude puts a wedge in between Opal’s disciplinary actions of keeping her daughter in line for summer school. This is where I don’t see Nola and Opal lasting because Nola always wants to have fun, not like a parent but more like an older sister. She doesn’t know the role of parenting too well.

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Nola is still in contact with Greer, one of her multiple lovers from the first season but they don’t seem to be on the same page as before, more of a friendship more than anything. He’s still cocky and full of himself but it seems to be more of a chill arrogance this go around than before. He seems to be accepting where he stands in Nola’s life and is cool with just being friends. I love the fact that he is opening Nola up to the photography side of the art world. I think it will really help her branch out and reach a different audience for her work.

Mars is going through some hardships in the very beginning of the first episode with the fact that he just lost his job due to gentrification of the Brooklyn neighborhood he has grown up in. Coincidentally at the hands of his now ex-girlfriend Clorinda, whom is also one of Nola’s close friends. Old businesses and residents are being pushed out for more luxury businesses residencies. He ends up dropping the bad news of showing up to his long term job to find out that they have shut the doors without notice to his sister Lulu who he is currently living with. That means he is now unemployed. His sister Lulu didn’t take it well at all. I didn’t agree with how she kicked him out on the spot as a tough love lesson. That’s how you set yourself up for bad karma by treating others whom are already down even worse than they already are, plus he’s family. I think she should’ve at least sat down with him and helped him figure out what he needs to do moving forward at least as his older sister. This led him to pretty much begging Nola for a place to stay until he can get on his feet. She agrees but gives him a time limit on getting himself together. Opal doesn’t necessarily agree with the decision but she trusts Nola is making the right decision and doing the right thing for a friend. This ends up being a bad idea for Nola really fast however when she realizes that Mars doesn’t know how to keep clean and he acts childish as well with too many jokes during more serious discussion times. Of course she kicks Mars out before he could even really get settled in too fast in which he is led to asking Clorinda for a temporary place to stay.

Jamie is going through a divorce from his wife due to his infidelity with Nola in the previous season being exposed. You know, I never truly liked his wife’s character but I due salute her for trying to keep her family together and attempting to be the perfect wife for her husband. She just seems cold-hearted and too bougie for my taste but who am I to judge, she is dealing with a man that cheated on her constantly with another woman.

Clorinda is still dating her high end boyfriend/sugar daddy, whom is also the reason for the mass gentrification of the city. He is behind Mars job being shut down unannounced. Mars ends up asking Clorinda for a place to crash as well which was smart of him to do to me. When you’re in a tight position like that it is best to have multiple people and spots you can depend on just in case one back fires or doesn’t work out for the best. She agrees surprisingly but I can’t help but think that him and Clorinda still have a thing for each other. What also surprised me is that Mars opened up to Clorinda a little bit more about his dreams of getting into music than Nola in which she ends up bagging him and her a small music gig in their hometown to jump start his music career which is amazing.

Episode 2: #ConeyIslandIsTheEndofTheLine

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Second episode starts off rocky between Opal and Nola.
It begins with Nola being in her happy place, Coney Island Fair, with Opal’s daughter Skylar. They have the time of their life having fun on the rides and visiting the beach with one another, just enjoying each other’s company. But this is where I mentioned before from episode one of Nola and Opal not seeing eye to eye when it comes to Skylar. Skylar believes she has two moms now but Opal is not cool with that since it does mean that Nola is overstepping her boundaries a bit. Nola even gets Skylar’s ear pierced without Opal’s approval as though Skylar is Nola’s daughter or something. It was really out of line completely in my opinion. Around Nola she’s using profanity and all and she can’t seem to pick up her daughter on time from school either. It’s like Opal is raising two children instead of one. They end up breaking up during another visit to Coney Island and ruining Nola’s happy place where she goes to find joy. On top of that, Nola is still having trouble with paying her rent due to grant money falling short and student loan payments piling up on her all at once.

Shemeka pops back up this season looking amazing and back on track with her life after her near fatal experience with butt injections last season. Surprisingly, Winny her former boss and the owner of the neighborhood club where she used to work at shows more feelings for Shemeka than last season. You can tell he is feeling her a lot more than she thinks.

Papo is back but as Divine now. Remember he was arrested for trespassing in the first season and surprisingly he spent a lot of time in jail for that alone due to no one being able to get him out sooner. He seems a lot more humble and levelheaded now and has a desire to do something different with his life.

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Clorinda and Nola link back up due Clorinda presenting an opportunity for additional work for Nola but of course Nola isn’t feeling it. She seems to want to be in control more of her art and doesn’t want it to be where she is hopping on any and every opportunity that presents itself. I can tell Clorinda means well but she’s more business minded. As long as it looks good for her on her end then that’s all she is thinking about, but she isn’t considering her artist Nola’s reputation and her wants for her own work. Nola is looking to be famous and get paid for her actual artwork not any type of commercial ads.

Skylar and Jamie’s son Virgil end up becoming great friends since they attend the same school, but things get rocky here as Jamie’s wife Sheryl ends up meeting Nola while picking up Virgil from school. Nola ends up getting a whole ear full of insults for her affair with her husband which I was not expecting from her at all. Nola sort of deserved it as she did sleep with a married man and didn’t care at all about the fact that it could ruin someone else’s family what so ever last season. I just don’t think she was prepared to face reality and the consequences of her actions after a while. The insults really hit home for her.

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Speaking of karma, Mars sister Lulu ends up getting kicked out of her own place during this episode, basically evicted so neither her or Mars now have a place to stay. Crazy how life comes back to bite you ya know.

Episode 3: #LuvStings

Love makes you voluntarily stupid.
That is how this episode began. Nola is heartbroken as she believed she was the perfect girlfriend and partner for Opal. Again, I don’t believe she realized what she was getting into exactly and how much she needed to grow up in order to be with a person like Opal, and especially with being with someone whom is a parent. Her heartbreak shows a lot as she doesn’t want to get out the bed and doesn’t want to work on her craft or anything. A breakup really does sting bad when you truly love a person and actually want to be with them and Nola is no exception. This leads her back to her counselor and therapist where she is able to vent and get that anger out of her system to move forward with her life.

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Mars and Lulu end up hashing things out between them. Lulu moves into her cousin’s apartment with their seven kids and hates it, but a blessing comes out of it all as they both begin to plan a trip to their home of Puerto Rico to see their mom and get things back on track with their lives.

Episode 4: #NationTime

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The narrative of the second season of this series began to change with this episode. Things begin to look up for Nola during this episode as she took an opportunity at a chance to gain $10,000 as a Nation Time Fellow at a famous place up north called Martha’s Vineyard. She joined a group of black creatives to create her own new series of artwork all while being given her very own studio space, living space and the freedom to enjoy new territory for seven days. Throughout her stay at the vineyard Nola met many great creatives, gained a lot of knowledge in the process, along with learning a lot of new information for her on the black history in the area. But she had a hard, and slightly rough, time getting going and finding inspiration. Not only that but she has a terrible encounter with another artist you may remember from defacing her previous political campaign in the first season.

During this episode, Nola also began a great campaign with that advertising firm called Earwave that Clorinda hooked her up with. Talk about being in your bag all of a sudden.

Episode 5: #SuperFunkyCaliFragiSexy

This was a fun episode to watch. Nola gets to try her hand with her new position with Earwave by bringing together the entire community in remembrance of music legend Prince. It was great seeing everyone bond and have a good time with no drama involved.

Episode 6: #WhenYourChickensCometoRoost

Nola becomes honest about her friendship standing with Clorinda after her experience with advertising firm Earwave in which Clorinda highly recommended her for the project. Nola still maintains a great friendship with Greer during this episode. He seems to be doing really well this season and shows a very understanding and supportive shoulder to lean on. He also reveals his new girlfriend to Nola in which he seems to truly be happy with.

Clorinda on the other hand is going through tough times after a horrible press conference over gentrification in her local neighborhood. Even though Clorinda is allowing Mars to stay at her place until he gets on his feet, even though Mars is her ex-boyfriend, she is in fact in a relationship. This relationship began back during the first season with a much older man one would say could be her sugar daddy. He treats her to the finer things in life and even employs her with a great job, but during this season their relationship really becomes rocky. Clorinda’s actual boyfriend is over the move of taking over the local neighborhood, also known as gentrification. The heat of that negative move is coming back to bite Clorinda in the worst way possible. She ends up getting fired from the gallery she helped build from the ground up, and loses her boyfriend. This move also pushes Clorinda to cross her friend Nola in the worst way possible. All of the negativity that Clorinda is displaying comes to a head all together when she reveals her previous pregnancy secret she kept from Mars all these years.

She's Gotta Have It (2017)

Mars gets to reveal his amazing music talents this episode with a solo performance.

Opal’s daughter Skyler and Jamie’s son get into it during this episode over Virgil’s parents getting a divorce over Jamie’s affair with Nola. They seem to have bonded as really good friends but are caught in the middle of grown up drama. Skylar takes matters into her own hands by visiting Nola at her house unexpectedly to interrogate her about her affair with Virgil’s dad Jamie.

Episode 7: #OhJudoKnow

For this episode, Nola gets a one in a lifetime chance and opportunity to visit Mars hometown of Puerto Rico!
She gets to learn about another culture and the history of another nation to help towards inspiring her new artwork and photography collection. Shemekka and Winny join Nola and Mars on the trip.

Winny ends up revealing his true romantic feelings for Shemekka which he has been hiding from her for a while now. This helps her to gain more confidence about herself and her self-esteem since her traumatic experience last season with illegal butt injections.

Episode 8: #OnTheComeUpTheComeDown&ComeAround

Nola returns back to New York to discover the amazing progress Divine has made towards his new entrepreneurship endeavors. But she soon realizes she has been played by Earwave, the project she was recommended for on behalf of Clorinda. I feel where she was coming from when her campaign was changed without her knowledge by the head campaign manager. Changing vibrant art into black and white mutes her campaign’s message overall.

Upon her return, Nola has a small get together at her place with close friends for the release of Shemekka’s new natural haircare and skincare line. I’m so proud of Shemeekka. She is making major moves to better herself and her daughter’s lifestyle. During this product release event, Clorinda’s true colors begin to show with everyone when she exempts some jealousy and shade towards Shemekka’s new journey. To me, Clorinda’s shady ways are now coming into fruition and the circle is beginning to see it in this episode more. Clorinda has always shown hate towards Shemekka as she sees herself as being higher than anyone else around her. Now the shade has moved onto Nola when Nola begins to scout out vendor spaces for her upcoming solo exhibition without Clorinda.

Episode 9: #IAmYourMirror

Ah, the last episode of the season! In this particular one we get to witness Nola’s dreams come through as she is able to host her very own first solo exhibition show with the help of her good neighborhood friend Divine. She is able to show off her photography collection, along with new paintings.

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