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Hello everyone! We are back with a new television show series review for Delux Designs (DE), LLC blog segment DeluxEdition! For today’s review, it will be on FX Network’s series Snowfall. This is one of my personal favorite shows that I have loved since the very first season and the story line just keeps getting better and better. It was written and produced by legendary John Singleton, along with Dave Andron, Eric Amadio, and many more great producers. The setting is in South Central of Los Angeles, California during the early to mid 80’s. As mentioned before, this is a series apart of the FX Network. Let’s jump right into the characters of this series below.

Franklin Saint

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Franklin Saint is played by actor Damson Idris. From what I’ve seen so far from the beginning of this series is that Franklin once was this kid in highschool that went away for some time to a big ivy league university. He was seen as the black boy from the hood who was going to make something of himself by attending a school most kids in his neighborhood couldn’t afford to go to or didn’t have the grades to get in to. Things took a turn for the worse for him, however, when he suddenly dropped out. Well most thought that he dropped out, but in reality he got kicked out and it wasn’t because of his grades at all nor his behavior. He just didn’t have the money to attend the university even with his mother working day in and day out to keep him in the school. She was single and barely getting by for herself so he came home to South Central and that’s when his life changed forever. I think his firsthand experience with the price and hardships of dealing with a four year university is what has driven him so far with his own entrepreneurship endeavors. He wants the money and the power now badly after dealing with the financial burdens of obtaining a higher education along with feeling inferior to his classmates and other counterparts who never came from where he came from and didn’t look like how he looked.

Cissy Saint

BBC Two - Snowfall - Cissy Saint

Cissy Saint is the mother of Franklin Saint, played by actress Michael Hyatt. I can honestly say from watching so far, she is a VERY hardworking woman. Very strong overall and sticks up for herself no matter what. She was so focused on keeping Franklin in school that she put up with a crappy job and crappy boss everyday until she just couldn’t take it anymore. In the beginning, she was considered a single mother as her husband, Franklin’s father, was out on the streets for some time and left them alone to survive on their own before he got clean and came back home to his family. Once Franklin came back home and money started flowing in with ease for her family, she went into business with her son through real estate.

Jerome Saint

BBC Two - Snowfall - Jerome Saint

Jerome Saint is Franklin’s uncle, Cissy Saint’s brother. In the beginning I thought he was a bit of a hot head, him and his girlfriend. But now as we are in season four of the series, he’s not that much of a hot head compared to some of the other characters. He basically knows his role and plays it well under the circumstances of how he and his family are living and the goals they’ve set out to accomplish. Jerome’s role is played by actor Amin Joseph and has become a huge one throughout the series. He’s the family member that Franklin really depends on to keep him level headed and to provide assistance with his new business endeavors after his failed attempts at the college route of life. Jerome is extremely loyal to the people around him and would give the shirt off his back when necessary.

Leon Simmons

Snowfall Season 4 Release Date, News

Leon Simmons, played by actor Isaiah John, is Franklin’s best friend. They’ve been friends since the beginning of time and have watched each other grow. Leon is really tight with the Franklin family and believes in extreme loyalty between him and Franklin. However, things become really tense between them after a while when money gets in the way of their friendship and trouble is brought to both of their doorsteps. Leon seems to be on his own from the very beginning. He has siblings but you don’t seem them around him much, and his mother doesn’t seem to take anything to fully do with him compared to how Franklin’s mother treats Franklin.

Aunt Louie

BBC Two - Snowfall - Aunt Louie

Played by actress Angela Lewis, Aunt Louie, is the girlfriend of Jerome and the aunt of Franklin. Real ride or die type of woman and seems to always keep her eye on the prize of whatever goal she and the Saint family sets out to pursue through their business together. When Franklin gets into some trouble and ends up in recovery mode physically, she steps in and runs the entire operation with ease. So far, I love her role. Just like with Jerome, in the beginning I believed she would be a complete hot head as well but turns out she is very chill and easy going.

Teddy McDonald

BBC Two - Snowfall - Teddy McDonald

Teddy McDonald is one character that I believe is going to be the downfall of Franklin Saint sooner or later. He’s played by Carter Hudson as a CIA agent with his own agenda. Basically the plug. But he has often found himself in a lot more trouble throughout this series and it keeps becoming tougher and tougher trouble for him to get out of. I’m not sure whether the CIA knows what he’s been doing on the side or not. Season four of the series is when Reagan is seeking re-election as president and during that time drugs were being heavily moved into the United States by the government so I’m not sure yet of whether this is all planned by the government and they’re using Franklin as a way to distribute, or whether Teddy is just operating on his own to make big money. Teddy does, however, have a whole family that he’s basically just thrown to the side for his money endeavors, a wife and a son, which is why I see his operation failing sooner or later.

These are just some of the main characters apart of the series but not all of them.
So far, I love it! I am now in Season Four, the latest season, and things are already heating up a pretty good bit.
Check it out on FX Network for yourself, enjoy!

Have you ever seen Snowfall? Did you like or dislike it and why?
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