DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ is Returning for Season 2!


The hit BET series, Tales, is coming back again in 2018! Its has been confirmed by Irv Gotti himself after he reposted my first article on the series from Blasting News! After the last episode of the first season, I can’t wait to see what is coming up next!

All I Need

In my opinion, I think the last episode, All I Need, was the best episode of the first season. Based off of r&b singer Mary J. Blige and rapper Method Man’s hit song, this episode was two hours long and full of unexpected twists and turns. After a young woman comes face to face with love at first sight after a failed suicide attempt. Lets take a look at some of the cast members from the season finale.


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Kenny is a war veteran who was trying to get the help he needed after coming home from a rough deployment. He ended up, basically, at the wrong place at the wrong time when he met a young lady by the name of Nina Cole. His life was never the same again from that moment forward.

Nina Cole

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Nina Cole is a young lady who is caught up in the street life as a prostitute. She is eager to get out by all means necessary but has a pimp by the name of Taggert who just won’t allow that to happen for her …. until she meets Kenny.


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Caught up in the street life at a young age, Silk, is Nina’s pimp Taggert original first lady. She now becomes the groomer for the younger girls working the streets to keep everyone in line. But after a while, it was time for a change starting with helping Nina to get away from Taggert.


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Taggert is a big time pimp and drug dealer in the neighborhood. With the help of human trafficking, he takes over an entire hotel complex to make some quick cash daily. Things become tight for him when Kenny interrupts his plans.

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