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Season two of The Sinner is here! The first season was full of the most traumatic and dramatic scenes and content, we can only assume this season will be just as full if not better! We enjoyed the highlights of mental heath issues among society in the first episodes of the series and can only expect this season to highlight the same way as well.
Lets check out the cast below.

The Cast

Harry Ambrose

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Local native detective, Harry Ambrose played by Bill Pullman, is back for season two.
He is called back to his hometown to help solve a double-homicide case where a family of three ended up spending the night at this motel in which the mother and father were found dead after an apparent poisoning. The son is the only witness in questioning and possibly the suspect of their murder.

Julian Walker

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Julian Walker, played by Elisha Henig, is an 11 year old only child who goes on a vacation trip to Niagara Falls with is parents, only to end up the main suspect in their murder after their car breaks down on the way to their destination. But are they really his real parents?

Heather Novack

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Heather Novack, played by Natalie Paul, is a had detective in training. Her first major case is the double-homicide of the parents of Julian Walker. She is anxious to find out what happened to the 11 year old boy, but is she ready for what is about to be revealed?

Vera Walker

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Vera Walker, played by Carrie Coon, is a mysterious woman who walks into the police department a couple days after the murder of Julian’s parents stating she is Julian’s real mother — but is she really his mother, or an outsider with her own sick motives as well?


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Marin, played by Hannah Gross, is upcoming head detective Novack’s best friend and former secret lover from high school. She disappeared from her hometown years ago without a trace after showing interest in a local community group. No one has seen her. No one has heard from her. But they may soon find out why she disappeared and whether her disappearance is a connection to Julian’s parent’s murder.

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Big thank you to USA Network for my new bag and the official novel edition of The Sinner written by Petrea Hammesfahr! This was sent to me last year as a special gift to read and enjoy via twitter after I expressed interest in the new television show. I am currently still reading it so I’ll be back with a review on the novel as well at a later date.

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    1. Awesome! Season one was such a good series, season two is off to an even bigger start so far! The next episode premieres tomorrow night on USA Network.

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