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The Sinner touches a lot on Mental Health with a suspenseful and drama approach. Starring Jessica Biel, The Sinner is about a young woman who is a wife and mother, struggling to cope with PTSD and severe depression. Her disorders came from a childhood of traumatic experiences. This is a really good series to watch and a really great novel to read if you are interested in crime scene based shows. Check more information on the series below through the cast.

The Cast


The Sinner
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Cora is the lead character for this series. She suffers from PTSD along with severe depression after a life of trauma during her childhood along with her teen years as she got older. She grew up with her mother and father, along with her sister (Phebe) whom had been chronically ill since birth. She grew up to become a wife and mother of one to her son but it came with a cost after she could not get a good handle of her mental disorders once she hits womanhood. Things become very very bad for her on a day of visiting the beach when she stabs a random man for no reason…..or was he really a random man and was this really a random murder?

Mason (Cora’s Husband)

The Sinner

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Mason and Cora have been married or three years and have a young son together. He believes that he has the perfect life and family until that tragic day at the lake when Cora stabs a young man by the name of Frankie to death out of the blue. He is now caught in the cross fire of the whole murder trial against his wife and mother of his first born.

Phebe (Cora’s Sister)

The Sinner
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Phebe, Cora’s sister, suffered from a chronic illness by the name of lymphoma since birth. For her entire life she had been isolated in her home daily, not being able to go anywhere or to do anything with anyone, this often made her very angry, manipulative and jealous with her sister Cora. When Cora reached her teenage years, Phebe would often beg her to take her different places just so she could basically live and make friends with others despite her condition. One night she ended up leaving the house with Cora to hangout with a guy Cora referred to as JD. She ended up losing her virginity in that same house but at a tragic cost once she ended up dead and dumped in a shallow grave after her first night of pleasure.

Cora’s Mother

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Cora’s mother seemed to be very tough to grow up with. During the first episode she told Cora that she had a sister but it wasn’t a very welcome or inviting way to tell her. She flat out said that when Cora was a baby inside of her, she took up a lot of her energy and left no energy for her sister to be born healthy later on in life. This automatically placed a lot of blame on Cora for her sister Phebe being tragically ill her entire life. Typically this would lead to a lot of guilt on a person overall if they’re being blamed for their sibling being chronically ill. Her mother often used Phebe’s sickness as an excuse for everything she did wrong by telling her because she didn’t do whatever it was that she told her to do, this meant that it was the reason Phebe was sick. This led to a life of child neglect and abuse for Cora often times through mind games.


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JD is a childhood figure of Cora’s. You can’t really say they were friends, nor can you say they were enemies, but they had this deep connection with one another the day they both locked eyes. This was no deep romance though, not even true love. Their relationship involved nothing but sex and drugs. But after a long night of partying with Cora and her sister Phebe, things got out of hand when Phebe ends up dead.

Detective Harvey Amberose

The Sinner
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Detective Harvey is the lead detective on the murder case involving Cora where she stabs a young man by the name of Frankie. The detective truly believes there is more to the story of why Cora murdered Frankie and is determined to get to the bottom of everything. But Frankie shows that he is going through his own mental health issues when he shows up to his partners house in the middle of the night, dressed in nothing but his underwear at two in the morning.

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Big thank you to USA Network for my new bag and the official novel edition of The Sinner written by Petrea Hammesfahr! This was sent to me last year as a special gift to read and enjoy via twitter after I expressed interest in the new television show. I am currently still reading it so I’ll be back with a review on the novel as well at a later date.

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