DeluxHair – Diane No Knot Detangler Brush Product Review

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One of my favorite hair brushes right now is my Diane No Knot Detangler. I invested in purchasing this brush for my curls about a year or two ago and have loved it ever since. You may remember when I mentioned it in our previous Winter Product Haul. With me having a 4A + 4C curl pattern I have had a problem in the past with knots forming on the ends of my curls, especially when my hair is wet. With the help of my new No Knot Detangler, I have been able to manage those knots better to the point where I don’t really have to deal with them anymore.

The Diane No Knot Detangler has also been a big help with generating blood flow on my scalp. I suffer from a condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis (blog post coming soon) in which my scalp becomes overactive with skin cell growth. This leads to raised skin patches similar to your typical dandruff cases. With this detangler, I am able to get blood flowing better on my scalp which eliminates some of the skin growth from time to time, while also scratching my scalp safely without causing any breakage or additional tangling mishaps.

I purchased my Diane No Knot Detangler from Ulta but this brush is also available with our affiliate partner Target by clicking here.

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