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The biggest headache I have had with my natural hair is finding a descent edge control product to use. With me having 4A + 4C curl pattern, it is very hard keeping my edges down and laying perfectly still how I always want them. My edges are a bigger problem during the summer time than any other season due to humidity levels down here in the South. I may apply the controller perfectly before walking out the door and starting my day, only for it to wear off after an hour of being out and about. This has led me on a complete edge control scavenger hunt to find the perfect one, or at least the perfect combination to maintain my edges. Take a look at some favorites, and even my least favorites, from myself (@K_DougDE) along with Candi from Big Hair Don’t Care and Carmen (@_curlyishmel) below.

  1. Designer Essentials Edge Tamer – For me, this is the best edge control for me to use. I don’t have to mix it with anything or use a whole bunch of it to make it work. It lasts all day long, sometimes even for a couple days depending on how fresh my style is.
  2. CURLS Blueberry Bliss Control Paste – I have heard a lot of great things about the CURLS line. This is one that I used in the very, very beginning of my natural hair journey, right before my big chop but I never went back to it since being fully natural. Fortunately, this edge control paste is a favorite from our lovely Brand Ambassador Carmen, “This is my second time trying it and I love it! Keeps my hair in place without making it super hard (has a nice flexible hold). It smells great and it’s super easy to apply”. Check out some pictures below featuring Carmen.
  3. Creme of Nature Argan Oil – This particular edge control comes in a close second to the Designer Essential Edge Tamer I prefer above in number one. The only difference between the two is the fact that I have to keep reapplying Creme of Nature more often to keep it fresh. Great thing is with their growing product line, they now have a portable edge control tube to use when you’re on the go or even traveling. I intend to try it soon.
    1. Creme of Nature Argan Oil + Eco-Styler Gel with Argan Oil – Now mixing these two together has had promising results and has lasted days at a time for me.
  4. Organic Root Simulator Olive Oil Edge Control – I won’t ever use it again. I know that sounds really harsh but this one has been the worst edge controller for me as a natural which is highly surprising since it was the only one I used while having relaxed hair. I’m not sure if the chemicals apart of it just don’t agree with my hair type or curl pattern but it doesn’t work for me. When I apply it, it leaves an automatic white film over my hair when used alone in which I am forced to wash away.
    1. ORS Olive Oil + Eco-Styler Gel with Olive Oil – This combination worked for some time but eventually as the temperatures went up, the less it kept working for me. But on up-dos like high ponytails, this combination worked great for me.
  5. Organic Root Simulator Monoi Oil Edge Stick – This is not one that I have personally tried out myself yet, but it is from a very promising product line from the Organic Root Simulator – Monoi Oil Product Review that we have touched on done before. Our Brand Ambassador, the lovely Candi from Big Hair Don’t Care, fortunately has. Check out her results: “This is so easy to use and often means I don’t need to use a toothbrush too much to get my edges down. Being in a stick means I can carry it around in my bag in case those edges decide to misbehave.” –@candi_curls
  6. Hick’s Edge Control – This is one that often goes overlooked that I love as well. I don’t have to mix anything with it and it lasts for the entire day.
  7. Shea Moisture JBCO Edge Treatment – Another favorite from Candi, the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Treatment. This is a gel specifically for your edges. I have tried their Jamaican Black Castor Oil line, in which I have a product review from earlier this year on it, but I have not personally tried their edge treatment. Here’s some background on Candi’s experience with the product:
    “I like this one as it isn’t as sticky as some of the others I have tried, and it is safe to use and gentle on my edges, which is important as I have issues with alopecia around my temples.” – @candi_curls
    In her picture shown in number 4, she is using a mixture of the ORS Monoi Oil and the JBCO Edge Treatment.


What’s your favorite edge control product to use for your slayage daily? Leave your favorites below as a response in our comment section! Use hashtag #Delux_Hair to follow our natural hair journey, along with following us on twitter and instagram!

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