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It’s here! My (@K_DougDE) very first Voxbox came! I have been eager to get into the whole hype of the famous Voxbox since last year after seeing everyone enjoy surprise packages on Instagram. Don’t worry I will show you how you can get your very own at the bottom of this post, but first lets take a look at what I got in my first one!

*Drum Roll*


As mentioned in my product haul, it’s Kat Von D Beauty! I heard of this brand a while back and have seen this logo in numerous places around North and South Carolina along with online, but this is my very first time trying out anything for myself. img_2595I received the new Studded Kiss Lipstick Creme in the Double Dare shade. First thing I noticed of course is the package design, which I love! Very colorful yet mellow for the box and promotional material. The lipstick tube itself is really cool. You can barely see where the top and the actual tub of the lipstick meet, which is good for me. I don’t know about anyone else but typically after awhile the tops of my lipsticks always end up coming off in some way if I have them in my bag or makeup bag. This will either lead to the lipstick being ruined or the lipstick ruining everything in my bag. With the Studded Kiss Lipstick, I have not had that problem at all. It went on really smooth, almost like a creamy lip gloss feel. I was able to wear mine at least 5 hours, well really a little over 5 hours, before I had to reapply. With the Double Dare shade, you can do more with it like, for example, wearing it to work and if you’re going out for a nice dinner date after hours. The Double Dare shade is more of a natural lip color. One unique thing I noticed about it though is that it smells like cotton candy! Great finishing touch! Check out some photos below of my use of the new lipstick line! New pictures will come soon in other product reviews to start off 2018! Thanks for reading everyone! Also before you leave our site today, make sure you subscribe by clicking here so you will be updated on future reviews directly through your email!





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